6 May 2019


The opening of ZOOMARK INTERNATIONAL 2019 has arrived. The event is due to begin on Monday 6 May at 10.30 am with the inaugural convention which will have as its centrepiece the presentation of the ASSALCO Zoomark Report that will offer a detailed analysis of the market trends and an up-to-date picture of the main developments in the pet sector in Italy: an opportunity for important discussions about the Italian pet market, which is experiencing a period of healthy development with the current number of pets in Italy standing at 60 million

ZOOMARK INTERNATIONAL, organised by BolognaFiere with the support of ASSALCO (the national association for companies involved in the sectors of pet food and pet care) and ANMVI (the national association of Italian veterinarians) will be taking place from Monday 6 to Thursday 9 May, an alignment of the schedule for the benefit of the international calendar, prioritising weekdays for the large B2B event.

This year is the 18th edition of ZOOMARK INTERNATIONAL and will play host to 757 exhibitors from 45 countries, 6 of these are national collectives, highlighting the event’s growing international profile. The new feature of this edition, born from the collaboration with various associations and with the event coordinators, comes in the form of the foreign collectives and the organisation of in-depth analysis sessions on markets and the business opportunities concerning the USA, Canada, Russia, UK, China, India and the Czech Republic

In coherence with the significant attention towards international operators, ZOOMARK INTERNATIONAL has established numerous services for foreign buyers, who will be assisted in planning specific meetings with Italian companies.

A special initiative at Zoomark is the Aqua Project that, following the success of its first edition in 2017, returns with a project developed to provide even greater space to the aquarium sector and will directly involve companies involved in this field. The objective is to go beyond the conventional and to demonstrate the great versatility of aquaria, equipped with the most modern technology in order to develop designs that are both unusual and surprising in their simplicity. A large central area will house tanks of exceptional dimensions, a pond and the aquaria on display by the exhibitors in order recreate various habitats and ecosystems, showcasing the latest technological innovations. With the collaboration of the magazine Abitare (RCS) and the Order of Architects, on 7 May at 2.30 the convention “Aquaria in the architectural context: problems, solutions and best practices,” will take place, outlining everything you might need to now about installing an aquarium in a domestic or public space.

Significant space for innovations

As with previous editions of ZOOMARK INTERNATIONAL, notable space will be provided for the new products being displayed by exhibitors: more than 400 products will be on display in a new location in the Mall that connects the new pavilions (28,29 and 30) which will add further value to an already extensive array of products. Around 40% of items relate to pet food, a sector in which innovation is a fundamental factor. New formulae that are increasingly calibrated to animals’ nutritional requirements, ingredients that are selected based on organoleptic properties, quality and animals’ specific requirements (for example products that do not contain allergens, are grain free or have particular nutritional functions that assist in the treatment of specific pathologies). Around 40% of the new products presented are for dogs, followed by products for cats and in third place for fish and ponds, a sector encouraged by the Aqua Project, some of these products will be presented in the Aqua Project itself.

Design is becoming increasingly sophisticated, forms and materials are becoming more refined and of ever higher quality. The technology used for the development of products is being put to the service of pets and their owners in order to offer the utmost in comfort, for example pet beds made from highly insulated and comfortable materials with orthopaedic or memory foam cushions, moments for recreation (interactive toys), protection and security with GPS collars and electronic name tags, as well as high visibility systems for the dark.

In the pet care sector – hygiene and medical solutions – the emphasis is on delicate formulae, homeopathic and Ayurvedic approaches as well as the first CBD-based products.

The sector of animal litter will include new vegetable-based products made from new sources that are completely environmentally friendly. Generally speaking there is a greater demand for organic products and materials, sustainable production cycles and recyclable packaging.

The programme of events

The “Events” at ZOOMARK INTERNATIONAL form part of a line up that is more extensive and articulated compared with previous editions. In addition to the Opening Convention that will focus on the presentation of the ASSALCO Zoomark Report and the special event about aquariums, also worth noting is the Convention “The use of plants and herbal remedies for animal wellbeing” on 6 May at 2 pm; “Animal behaviour: a strategic area for the successful pet shop” will focus attention on the necessary features for a pet shop project in step with the times, given that currently also the retail sector concerning the pet world is experiencing a notable shift towards online purchasing, on 6 May at 3 pm; “Rimedialife and sustainability in fish farms and aquaria” on 6 May at 4.40 pm; also taking centre stage are the events for vets, these include the workshop on electronic prescriptions, which introduces important new innovations in the veterinary world, on 7 May at 3 pm; the convention “The tools for sound management of a dog breeding facility,” on 8 May at 9 am; “The evolution of the profession of animal grooming in Italy and the FCC and APT certification in line with the law 4/2013” on 9 May at 9 am.

 “Zoomark International 2019,” explains Antonio Bruzzone, General Manager of BolognaFiere, “will fill an exhibition space of 55,000 square metres, an increase of more than 10% on the 2017 edition. The event will involve pavilions 25 and 26 and the new pavilions 28, 29 and 30, which were opened in the autumn of 2018.  The total number of 757 exhibitors will enable us to set a new record of companies involved, exceeding the record set at the last edition.” Around 70% of the exhibiting companies are arriving from outside Italy from 45 different countries. “There will be a significant presence from China,” continues Bruzzone, “followed by a substantial representation of companies from Great Britain, a notable increase in spite of the uncertainties about the future due to Brexit. There is also a greater number of exhibitors from Turkey and the countries of Eastern Europe. Among the new entries are Belorussia, Greece, Malaysia, Serbia and Slovakia.”

Gianmarco Ferrari, President of ASSALCO

 “Also in 2018 the positive trends of the Italian market continued. The main segment, that of products for dog and cat food, in Italy achieved a turnover in excess of 2 billion euros, an increase in revenues of +1.5% compared with the previous year and a growth rate greater than that for large mass consumption packaged goods, which in 2018 grew by 0.01%. The segment of cat food, consisting of dry products, wet products and snacks, represents 52.3% of the total market and is worth 1,089 million euros, while the segment for dogs is worth almost 993 million euros. A glance at consumers’ shopping trolleys indicates that purchasers are shifting towards premium products and smaller packages. In the grocery retail sector, primary accessories for pet care and daily management (such as products for hygiene, toys, leads, beds, cages and aquaria) registered a business volume of 71.3 million euros. A thorough review of the all of the market data is available in the annual ASSALCO Zoomark Report.”

ZOOMARK INTERNATIONAL is the most important event in Europe for the global pet industry. Taking place in odd-numbered years, the event is a huge exhibition platform that welcomes more than 27,000 buyers from all over the world, who come to discover the latest innovations, meet with leading international players, benefit from professional training events and discuss the market trends.

Attending Companies’ own press releases can be viewed on the website www.zoomark.it: a space provided for exhibitors to highlight what they consider the most pertinent topics.


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