5 Aug 2020

The event will drive the revival of the sector with a format “in complete safety” 

The new layout will involve pavilions 31, 32, 33 and 35 of the Bologna Exhibition Centre and will provide the visiting public with two different entrance points for the event 

Excellent trends concerning participation numbers, including the confirmation of some leading companies in the Food, Care & Beauty and Green Lifestyle sectors 

SANA RESTART opens with the second edition of THE ORGANIC REVOLUTION, the overview of the Organic market 

Huge opportunities for exhibitors at the event, including the SIMEST financing for participation in international trade fairs in Italy 

Three days, from Friday 9 to Sunday 11 October, and three themed areas Food, Care & Beauty and Green Lifestyle, at SANA RESTART that will be organised in pavilions 31, 32, 33, 35 and the Service Centre of the Bologna Exhibition Centre. The recovery of the Italian market for organic and natural products is set to begin at its acknowledged reference event in Bologna. 

A new layout will welcome professional operators and visitors alike, with an organisation in spaces managed to ensure the safety of the first event to be taking place in person following the pandemic emergency. Pavilions 31, 32, 33,35 and the Service Centre at BolognaFiere will be the new location for SANA RESTART. Alongside its consolidated standards in terms of service, the event will provide two different entrance points – Sud-Moro and Ovest-Costituzione – that have been made available to improve the management of visitor flows. Both entrances are connected via public transport links to the railway station, the city and the airport – a huge plus for a public that is particularly sensitive to issues of sustainable mobility. 

The four pavilions will enable, moreover, the utmost flexibility in the arrangement of trade categories at the event for Food, Care & Beauty and Green Lifestyle products and services. 

Safety at the top of the agenda 

Business, networking and safety are at the centre of the new BolognaFiere project, in which the company is committed to taking important action to support the recovery of companies in the sector with SANA RESTART. The safety of operators and visitors will be ensured through a protocol and procedures implemented by BolognaFiere that will enable the recommencement of exhibition activities in complete safety thanks to a special format and logistical solutions designed to ensure social distancing, avoid excessive gatherings of people and safeguard the health of everyone involved. 

The effectiveness of the precautionary measures will involve: the purchase of tickets (indicating the day of attendance) exclusively online through the event website. This procedure will enable the organisers to eliminate the risk of excessive concentrations of people at the ticket offices and enable accurate control and planning of expected visitor numbers. 

On the safety front, every space at the exhibition site will be subject to specific attention. Among the many actions will be: the sanitisation of spaces used prior to opening each day, temperature checks of all participants using infrared cameras; the wearing of face masks as a condition for accessing the event; the widespread availability of sanitising gels; the presence of Wi-Fi control room systems to identify the areas with greater concentrations of people; great attention to air recycling and the hygiene/sanitisation of the spaces; management of the café’s and catering in such a away as to ensure distancing also with new services for booking slots online and catering delivered to the stands. 

Showing a marked appreciation for the approach formulated by BolognaFiere are the exhibitors, who have been subscribing in great numbers to attend SANA RESTART: companies’ confidence in the event and demand to take part have grown, with attendees including important market leaders confirming a general climate of revival and a determination to meet, in person, with the sector’s business community. 

New partnerships, new appointments, important confirmations 

Slow Food, FederBio and BolognaFiere have signed a strategic agreement to make further business tools available to companies, enabling SANA RESTART to intercept an important segment of the public: activists and those associated with the Slow Food movement that also shares values, such as the attention towards sustainability and the environment, that at SANA find ample and acknowledged space. 

THE ORGANIC REVOLUTION, the overview of the organic market in Bologna 

The initiative, promoted by BolognaFiere in collaboration with FederBio/AssoBio and with the organisational secretary of Nomisma, returns this year on the opening day of the event with a second edition dedicated to discussions between institutions, key players in the market and experts in the sector on important themes, such as protecting the environment, climate change and biodiversity, in light of the European Green Deal and the health emergency. 

The ORGANIC REVOLUTION event will also see the presentation of the eagerly anticipated SANA 2020 Observatory, the tool that monitors the key numbers from the organic sector, from production to market size. The Observatory is promoted by BolognaFiere and curated by Nomisma, with the support of FederBio, AssoBio and the support of the Italian Trade Agency. 

Great opportunities for exhibitors at SANA RESTART with the option of accessing SIMEST financing for participation in international trade fair events in Italy 

As part of the interventions established relating to the recovery of the Italian trade fair sector and connected measures to support SMEs, the decree extending finance at subsidised rates has been confirmed also for participation at international trade fairs, like SANA, which take place in Italy. Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation – Decree 11 June 2020 – Extension to Countries of the European Union of the operations of the fund 394/81. (20A04004) – GU General series n. 188 of 28-07-2020. 

The initiative offers particularly advantageous conditions, including: SIMEST financing (currently 0.085%, equivalent to 10% of the EU reference rate), a financeable sum of up to 150,000 euros per initiative; cover that can reach 100% of expenses per exhibition, logistics, promotion and consultancy area connected to participation in trade fairs and exhibitions; a duration of 4 years of which the first year is repayment-free. It will be possible to obtain up to 40% as a funding grant, therefore a substantial “discount” on the cost of participation in SANA RESTART 2020. 

Furthermore, the request for finance, which must concern one single initiative, can be repeated for other event as long as they respect the maximum set limits; the finance can be activated also in combination with measures provided by local institutions (Regional authorities, Chambers of Commerce etc.) for eventual costs not contemplated by the latter but covered by the SIMEST offer. The compilation and presentation of the request can be made directly online through the SIMEST portal ( beginning from 6 August 2020. 

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