17 Jul 2020

SANA RESTART will open with the second edition of THE ORGANIC REVOLUTION 2020 – the overview of the sector promoted by BolognaFiere and created in collaboration with FederBio and AssoBio, with the support of ICE/ITA – the Italian Trade Agency. 

THE ORGANIC REVOLUTION 2020 represents a unique opportunity for discussions involving institutions, associations, businesses and protagonists from the sector to foster a fruitful debate and offer the latest picture of the future opportunities and challenges in light of the EU’s 2030 Biodiversity and Farm to Fork strategies. 

The event continues the journey that began with the 2019 edition and is based on reflection, innovation and the latest information about the organic sector. The first edition of THE ORGANIC REVOLUTION, in fact, concluded with the drafting of the 2030 ORGANIC MANIFESTO, which can be viewed at The manifesto is a planning document that sets out the strategy and proposes interventions in the sector for the coming years, based on what emerged from the discussions at the 2019 event. 

The work of THE ORGANIC REVOLUTION 2020 will commence with the presentation of important results obtained at the first edition, maintaining a multi-disciplinary approach coherent with the following goals: 

  • To study in greater detail the actions necessary to reinforce the role of the organic sector in tackling the challenge launched by the European Union with the Green Deal;
  • To highlight the real contribution to safeguarding biodiversity and the achievement of the 2050 climate neutrality goals;
  • To contribute to confirming organic production as a model of sustainability, crucial also for mitigating the risks of pandemics.

The activities of THE ORGANIC REVOLUTION 2020 will open SANA RESTART (9 October 2020 at 10.30am) with a round table discussion with all of the attending national and international institutional representatives. The day will then be organised into four themed sessions: 

  • ORGANIC MARKET – a session dedicated to providing an overview of the internal and international markets and the future post Covid-19 prospects
  • SUSTAINBILITY, CLIMATE CHANGE, BIODIVERSITY – a themed session dedicated to the topic of sustainability and to discuss the topic of organics as a weapon with which to fight climate change though respect for people and animal welfare
  • ORGANIC FOOD &HEALTH – dedicated to discussions about issues of eating and health, will be an opportunity to learn more in detail about the role of organic food as a feature of nutrition and prevention but also as a lever in mass catering
  • DIGITALISATION PATHWAYS FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE ORGANIC INDUSTRY– will examine key aspects for the future of the organic sector such as blockchain, certification and digital support for professional operators in the organic sector.

For the organisation of the event, BolognaFiere has turned to Nomisma – – that has always been committed to providing a contribution to interpreting transformations in the most innovative sectors and has been curating the SANA Observatory for a number of years.