The next edition of Arte Fiera will be held from 21-23 January 2022

Nov 6, 2020

The latest anti-COVID-19 measures issued by the Italian Government prohibit all types of trade fair events throughout the country at least until December. We are unable to know if such measures will be extended beyond such time, and fear that the current situation of uncertainty and hardship will not end in the near future. 

Faced with this scenario, the requisites for organising the 2021 edition of Arte Fiera, and according to the quality parameters required by tradition and by this event’s prestige, can no longer be satisfied. 

Out of respect for galleries, collectors and art enthusiasts, BolognaFiere, in agreement with Arte Fiera’s Artistic Director and Selection Committee, has decided to cancel the 2021 edition of Arte Fiera, a decision that was difficult and painful, but unavoidable. The next exhibition will be held in Bologna from 21-23 January 2022, confident that we will once again be able to present it in a form that fully meets the expectations of its exhibitors and public. 

This does not mean that Arte Fiera will be silent during the next several months. In upcoming weeks, it will present a number of activities and initiatives to stay in contact with its exhibitor and public, proceeding together on a lengthy path toward the 2022 edition. 

As a further sign of attention and gratitude to the gallery owners who have continued to believe in Arte Fiera during these difficult times, we have decided to refund all sums that were paid for the 2021 edition, including the registration fee. 

Our sincere thanks to all of the media professionals who have covered Arte Fiera in recent months. Please continue to follow us.


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