2 Sep 2020

The eye-catching professional trade exhibition of the beauty industry in the Greater Bay Area, the inaugural South China Beauty Expo (SCBE) has closed smoothly on August 1, 2020 at the Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Centre. With “creating new era of beauty industry in the Greater Bay Area” as its core positioning, SCBE is held to meet the needs of new generation consumer groups, high-tech new retail channels and manufacturing enterprises. At the exhibition venue with a total area of 22,500 square meters, SCBE has provided new industry information, avant-garde industry solutions and creative content to more than 800 high-quality brands and exhibitors from home and abroad, who also have showcased new ideas, new products, new services, and established new business contacts. 

At the first SCBE, the exhibitors have successfully explored business opportunities through trade talk with about 20,000 professional visitors from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and foreign brands, wholesale agents, retailers, beauty salons and nail salons, cross-border e-commerce platforms, social e-commerce platforms and manufacturers. Based in Shenzhen, the development engine of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, SCBE has attracted the attention of various media and over 100 media has reported on this grand event.

Affected by the dual impact of the shuffling in traditional retail industry caused by new upgrade of cosmetics consumption and the pandemic, supply chain has become the hotspot issue for the beauty industry. On the one hand, the supply chain sector is in demand. On the other hand, in the global supply chain system, there are tests of risk resistance capacity and market competition. Therefore, the supply chain sector must always be ready for keeping pace with the times to help opening up the full industry chain system. Co-organized by Informa Markets, BolognaFiere and Shanghai Baiwen Exhibition Co., Ltd., SCBE, as a major business platform gathering industry-wide exhibitors and promoting industry recovery, has played an important role in reshaping confidence, bridging new network and outputting high-tech products. It is exactly the strong endorsement of SCBE that has attracted the participation of many outstanding exhibitors at home and abroad from a wide range of fields including not only professional beauty , personal care and toiletries but also cross-border e-commerce, beauty supply chain and new retail technology.

The industry-recognized superb business matching 

Based in Shenzhen, the forefront of technological innovation, the first SCBE has met the expectations, thanks to its profound insights of the pandemic-stricken beauty market and superior resources of global supply chain. During the three-day exhibition, SCBE has arranged nearly 100 high-quality business matching meetings between the selected exhibitors and the professional buyers with clear procurement needs from Amway, Watsons, Infinitus (China) Company Ltd , DR PLANT (Guangdong) Biotechnology Co.,Ltd, Nanjing Channel Dressy, CHARM ZENUS, Guangzhou Blue and White Porcelain Health Management Co., Ltd, and Shenzhen Creditbundle International Co. Ltd. (a subsidiary of ZTE Group). The buyers have highly recognized the trade talk and business matching. 

Mr Liu Jianyi, Brand Director of Guangzhou Blue and White Porcelain Health Management Co., Ltd said, “Thanks to the organizer for the business matching at which I have found the suitable suppliers. Information Classification: General 

We have just completed an order earlier, but the craftsmanship of that supplier does not fully meet our requirement. At the onsite one-on-one business matching set by the organizer, I have found a very suitable supplier. Moreover, the organizer’s arrangement is very considerate. I am very satisfied!” 

“In the business matching arranged by the organizer, we have found more suitable suppliers. We will definitely visit again next year and bring more friends from the industry to visit with us”, said Mr Luo Guanbin, Deputy General Manager of Shenzhen Creditbundle International Co.Ltd. 

For the exhibitors, SCBE is undoubtedly a good opportunity where they can meet potential business partners and achieve good cooperation results. It is worth mentioning that the mini program platform introduced by SCBE has received tremendous popularity from the exhibitors as it has, to a large extent, helped the buyers to have convenient and comprehensive understanding of the exhibitors and products before the show resulting in efficient on-site business exchanges and cooperation. 

Ms Vivi, Sales Manager of Guangzhou Eastbox Co., Ltd also recognized and praised the on-site business matching. She said, “I thank the organizer very much for arranging the on-site business matching which has brought many potential clients for cooperation. It is effective. Thank you for this opportunity.” 

Special zones help beauty companies to open new channels for corner-overtaking 

With objective insights of the market demand and industry pain points, SCBE carefully lays out a diversified exhibition with different special zones that striving to accurately output high-quality resources and trendy technological information. 

Deeply affected by the current pandemic, the offline beauty channel desperately needs mature retail technology to overtake on the corner. SCBE has joint hands with Shanghai Exland International Exhibition Co., Ltd. And created a new Future Shop on the spot for the Greater Bay Area with future retail store as the carrier to show the increasingly mature Chinese retail technology, such as smart store management system and immersive experience. 

In addition, the LITTLE B from The Beast has partnered with SCBE and CENTDEGRÉS to create the “LITTLE B BOX” demonstrating how offline retailers can attract more customers by enhancing shopping experience through innovative business models.

Apart from the traditional trading mode, buyers have experienced SCBE’s “KOL Live-streaming” which included many fashionistas for onsite live broadcast to realize generating sales on cloud and visiting the exhibition offline. In recent years, live-streaming has shuffled the entire KOL industry. The official rise of live-streaming sales has changed the sales channels and models disruptively. 

SCBE has especially set up the E-beauty zone to help the brands directly reaching the emerging markets. The zone has gathered well-known cross-border e-commerce platforms of external trade such as Shopee、AliExpress、Newegg、Amazon and Wish whose representatives also shared their Information Classification: General 

new business models of the emerging foreign markets at the Cross-border E-commerce Summit for Exports. 

Serving as the yoke-breaker for the beauty industry, the special zones have not only brought cutting-edge trends, new models and new thinking but also many possibilities in the post-pandemic era as well as opened up a broader development path for the beauty professionals. 

Dependable trendy content made visit worth buyers’ while 

SCBE has elaborately organized special onsite events during the exhibition including themed seminars and live activities, aiming to create valuable ideas through further discussion on the hot topics. 

The trend forecasting agency WGSN helped us to grasp the consumers’ needs in the first place and then the innovation opportunity by exploring the coming post-pandemic beauty tendency through the discussion on the transformation of global consumption trends, future beauty strategies, innovative retails and brand strategies. Global Data has brought new observation on the changes in consumer behaviours in the sub-sectors of beauty industry in the post-pandemic era. 

The 10th AHMA Hair & Styling Awards and Hair Culture Exchange Hair Show, co-organised with Asia Hair Masters Association (AHMA) invited the WAHL ambassador team and the representative hairdressing masters in Guangdong to join the potential young hairdressers to conduct a hair show with both artistic and visual effects. MGP Image Design Art School created an innovative performance of shiny makeup where well-known makeup artists, makeup masters and experts with millions of fans will deliver the new makeup trend. Guests from Beijing China Cultural Tourism and Creativity Co., Ltd., PPW, and Kakao Friends has shared new cross-border idea of the integration of IP licensing and beauty industry. 

The various events in the three days were rich and full of dependable contents. SCBE has also introduced mini-program live-streaming and joined hands with influential media, i.e., Daily Chemicals, C2CC, and YMX to conduct online live-broadcast for more industry players to participate in the sharing. All these activities have accumulated more than 200,000 views. 

The exhibitors and buyers fully approved the first SCBE. Mr Feng Yixing, General Manager of Yangjiang Paston Beauty & Manicure Products Co.,Ltd has gained a lot at the exhibition. He said, “Under the pandemic of this year, I am very grateful to the organizer for holding SCBE in Shenzhen which is of great significance. At the exhibition, we have met many sincere customers who have great intention of cooperation. This has brought new momentum to the development of our company.” 

Ms Fan Qingqing, General Manager of Guangzhou Mas Beauty Bio Tech Co., Ltd felt lucky for participating in this high-grade exhibition where she has not only found suitable new suppliers, but also received a lot of trend information from several forums. She said, “Overall speaking, the exhibition is very satisfactory. I have found some new suppliers. I also have listened carefully in one of the on-site forums and gained some market information and knowledge.” 

The wonderful SCBE never ends and the flourishing age of beauty industry is worth the wait 

As the first professional beauty exhibition in the Greater Bay Area, SCBE has undoubtedly boosted the beauty industry in the area and even in the whole country. Targeting at the new generation of consumer groups, new retail channels and the entire beauty supply chain, the inaugural SCBE has built a one-stop beauty supply chain platform for the industry, narrowed the distance between exhibitors and buyers and helped them to achieve supreme business matching. The successful holding of SCBE will further activate the vitality of the beauty market and find more breakthroughs for brands, distributors and retailers! 

The next SCBE will be held during July 29-31, 2021 at the Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Centre. We look forward to seeing you again at this industry gathering! 

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