The corporate governance system of BolognaFiere S.p.A.

Creating value for our Regional Territory,  integrity and long-term vision are the principles that inspire our shareholders in guiding the Company.

The Corporate Governance of BolognaFiere is based on a control and prevention system represented by an Organisation Model, a Management and Control Model and a Code of Ethics.

The management, directors and control bodies work together to steer the Group towards constant improvement and attainment of goals of excellence with the aim of reaching sustainable business results and the creation of long-term value, not only for shareholders, but for all the Company’s stakeholders with a trickle-down effect on the Regional Territory, its economy and its industrial fabric.

The BolognaFiere Corporate Governance system and its operation management is based on values of ethics, transparency and responsibility. Shared values within the Group, outlined in the Code of Ethics of which BolognaFiere has adopted as a guide, ensure compliance with the principles for all of the Group’s subsidiaries, in behaviour and in relations with all stakeholders, employees, collaborators, customers, partners, suppliers, and Institutions.

The Chairman and the General Manager guarantee that the activity of BolognaFiere is aligned with the values of ethics, integrity, transparency and responsibility that guide the Group’s activities.

We believe in fairness, loyalty, collaboration

BolognaFiere has adopted an organizational and management model for the prevention of unethical conduct within its organization. A model which protects people, its subsidiaries, clients and, in general, all the Company’s stakeholders.

Organisational, Management and Control Model 231

Pursuant to adopting Legislative Decree 231/2001, BolognaFiere S.p.A. has strengthened its internal control system, acquiring a protection tool for the prevention of the crimes contemplated by this Decree, ensuring compliance with the requirements of fairness and transparency to protect its image and its employees, and the expectations of its customers and its shareholders.


Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics defines and expresses the ethical values and responsibilities that the Group and its Subsidiaries expressly adopt towards the people with whom they interact every day.

Download the Code of Ethics (file *.pdf)



Gianpiero Calzolari

Vice Chairman

Celso De Scrilli


Franco Baraldi

Mariangela Conti

Rosa Grimaldi

Cathy La Torre

Marco Palmieri

Amilcare Renzi

Giulio Santagata

General Manager

Antonio Bruzzone