14 Oct 2019

The new format for the fresh produce sector with a focus on sustainable innovation: dedicated areas, networking and a speaker’s corner

A turnkey exhibition format, an investment in added value through which participants can meet and discuss issues of sustainable innovation with representatives from the grocery retail sector. For the first time, in January 2020, at MARCAbyBolognaFiere (15-16 January)making its debutwill be MARCA FRESH, the space reserved for the latest developments in the compartment of fresh produce.  Taking place within the main event, MARCA FRESH will put the compartment of fresh fruit and vegetables at centre stage, along with the sector’s professional operators who will be discussing the topic of sustainable innovation.

This is the new strategic proposal by MARCAbyBolognaFiere, the second-largest fair event in Europe for the Private Label sector, organised by Bolognafiere in collaboration with the ADM (the Italian Grocery Retail Association). Now approaching its 16th edition (15-16 January), Marca is the only Italian event dedicated entirely to commercial brands, with more than 750 exhibiting companies showcasing some of the finest “made in Italy” products to thousands of visitors.

Inside the new MARCA FRESH area, thesector of fresh fruit and vegetables will enjoy an important and well-qualified opportunity for an in-depth look at the sector, developed in order to support companies, which will have the opportunity to present products that represent sustainable innovation. It is also an occasion for analysing and defining new strategies for modern distribution. The new format, in fact, was established due to the need to respond to new consumption trends which prioritise the more evolved organic, biodynamic, zero-waste and packing, eco-compatiblesegments, in sucha way that isdriving production and distribution to make decisions based on economic, social and environmental responsibility. The produce ranges I, IV and V associated with the categories for dried fruit and legumes, have transformed the structure of the fruit and vegetable sector, redesigning it based on the convenience needs of the final consumer. 

MARCA FRESH, with its three objectives – Innovation, Experience, Networking – aims to become the business reference point for all professional operators, concentrating in a single space the market’s best practices, involving products whose formulations and usability criteria are in line with recognised high standards of food health and service quality.

The exhibitors involved will find an innovative area developed as a “fair within the fair”. The space will include the Piazza dei Freschi with stands set up for exhibitors, as well as the Media Corner area for the specialist press and radio broadcasters which will be making live broadcasts and interviews. The Agorà will serve as the networking hub, reserved for seminars and presentations by the participating companies and representatives from the Grocery Retail sector and also the venue for the Opening Workshop on the “The Role of Sustainable Innovation for the Italian Consumer and Trade Strategies to Support the Performance of the Fruit and Vegetable Compartment”, organised by SGMARKETING. The latter will also be presenting a trade and consumer study. The new format will take advantage of the qualified support of the Scientific and Technical Committee consisting of a panel of managers from large retail groups present at MARCA.

The MARCA FRESH concept is already set to be expanded in coming editions of MARCAbyBolognaFiere, to include other compartments of the fresh produce sector to further support and reinforce the relationship between brands involved in production and distribution.