Apr 30, 2021

With constant double-digit growth since 2010, the market for tea and infusions is seeing and forecasting substantial growth also for the current year. 

Herbal teas have been leading the way in winning over consumers in the last year and the forecasts for the tea and infusion market continue to provide huge satisfaction with predictions of an estimated 20% increase over the next three years (Euromonitor). 

Consumers who are increasingly sensitive to health issues, companies that are more and more oriented to market proposals that satisfy consumer needs throughout the entire day and the creation of a dedicated area – Sana Tea – at Sana, the international exhibition for organic and natural products, an event with a strong focus on topics linked to organic wellbeing, are all demonstrating the importance and the evolution of the sector of teas and infusions in Italy. 

With Sana Tea, Sana aims to create a new specific area dedicated to Wellness in the time it takes to have a herbal infusion. The area, which will showcase the latest developments in the sector, will be a place where tea is be shown to be far more versatile than previously thought: teas will be proposed as a chance to dedicate a moment to oneself, obviously in line with one’s particular mood, with specific blends created to suit work, sporting or studying contexts or to boost concentration. Some teas and infusions even edge towards more philosophical issues to inspire the mind and the body. 

Blends that can rival a coffee break but without keeping the drinker awake all night and infusions of cocoa that, theobromine apart, do not mean overindulgence or threaten the needle on the bathroom scales. 

Particular attention will be paid to pure teas to accompany foods, with tastings that will pair the perfect teas for every dish. Gabriele Bianchi, a young maître d’ at an acclaimed restaurant, a tea enthusiast, tea sommelier and Italy’s top waiter under 30, has been invited to talk about teas and infusions in the world of Ho.Re.Ca.. Gabriele, in fact, proposes brand new blends of hot and cold infusions to a public of tea lovers on his own Instagram channel. 

Great attention will be paid also to rooibos, an African infusion – not to be confused with Chinese red tea with which it shares its distinctive colour – that is winning over a large share of the market thanks to its numerous beneficial properties and its complete lack of caffeine. 

On the subject of cold brews, suitable from breakfast until dinner, we can find kombucha – the trending beverage that, as well as being probiotic, contains an average alcohol content of between 0.5% and 1%. The drink is gaining popularity above all among young people and, whether based on an infusion of tea or aromatic herbs, it is perfect both to accompany meals and at aperitif time. 

From 9 to 12 September, the area Sana Tea will become Italy’s largest tearoom, ready to welcome visitors on the lookout for new trends: wellbeing has never been this easy, pleasant and within the reach of everyone.


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