Sep 15, 2021

The international exhibition of organic and natural products has launched new initiatives and projects in Italy and abroad                                      

More than 50,000 present at the Fair

At the first edition following the pandemic, held from 9 to 23 September at the same time as Cosmofarma Reazione and OnBeauty by Cosmoprof, SANA 2021 encountered great optimism and dynamism among exhibitors and professional operators and buyers attending the event, who highlighted the need and the will to return to meeting in-person again.

The scheduling alongside Cosmofarma Reazione and OnBeauty by Cosmoprof enhanced new synergies between the organic world and the product sectors of the other two events, developing new commercial contacts and business opportunities. The operators, some 50,000 buyers, distributors and professionals who took part in the in-person and digital initiatives, were welcomed by a large exhibition platform with 1,150 brands – 600 of which at SANA –  and 10 exhibition halls.

Positive trends and results and new initiatives for developing new business

The commercial dynamism and the market trends that were revealed in the SANA Observatory (presented at the opening of the event, as part of The Organic Revolution, the General Assembly for the Organic Sector) and the many other opportunities for discussion, highlighted an even greater sensitivity in the post-pandemic era towards the environment and a concept of wellness that involves an increasingly wide range of stakeholders.

This trend is reflected in the value of the organic market in Italy, which in 2020 amounted to 4,573 million euros and “made in Italy” organic exports to international markets that add up to over 2,900 million euros.

In order to respond to this new and rapidly evolving scenario, a number of new initiatives, which are about to be implemented or are currently being developed, were presented at SANA 2021.

Internationalisation: SANA launches SANA BUSINESS DAYS in Hamburg

Actions to support the internationalisation of organic companies are being expanded with the new SANA BUSINESS DAYS initiative, which will be held in Hamburg on 23 and 24 June 2022, a project dedicated to operators in the sector (producers and distributors) interested in expanding their business contacts in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. 

The German market is today the most interesting area in Europe for natural cosmetics, with a business volume of 1.38 billion euros (2019 figure) and a growth rate of around 9%.

SANA BUSINESS DAYS is organised by BolognaFiere in collaboration with Health and Beauty, a media company of the BolognaFiere Group with offices in Germany, which organises 14 shows/events in Europe. Substantial interest has been expressed by companies in the beauty sector towards the new initiative, which opens doors to markets that offer great business opportunities; over 70% of companies in the care&Beauty sector have expressed an interest in taking part in the event.

Again in terms of internationalisation, but in this case concerning the Food sector, SANA 2021 saw an even closer partnership between BolognaFiere, FederBio and Naturland (German certification body) for the promotion of Italian organic products on foreign markets; another contribution to promote the quality of Italian products, supporting the marketing and export strategies of our producers.

The outlook for the FOOD sector is therefore also excellent, with companies specialising in the production and distribution of organic food building on the positive results of SANA, leaving the difficulties caused by the pandemic behind them once and for all, opening up to new markets with even greater dynamism and further strengthening their online sales channels.

The launch of SANATECH, the professional exhibition dedicated to the organic and eco-sustainable agri-food, livestock and wellness production chain, was also well received by operators. Promoted by BolognaFiere, with the support of FederBio Servizi and the technical-scientific office of Avenue Media, SANATECH offered important moments of reflection on key issues for the sector, from packaging sustainability to bio-control, highlighting the need for an opportunity for debate and discussion involving the entire the supply chain.

There were positive results also for all the other initiatives and for the first edition of SANA DIGITAL, which, from 1 to 8 September, facilitated contacts between national and international operators and exhibitors with a busy agenda of meetings in the run up to the fair.

 “We saw confirmation of the strong determination of the companies that have returned to the Fair after this long period in which in-person activities were not possible, confirming their trust in us,” said Gianpiero Calzolari, president of BolognaFiere. “Our first thanks go to them, which we extend to our historic partners, Cosmetica Italia, FederBio, AssoBio and ICE (for their support in promoting the event on international markets) and to the city, which has rallied around its Exhibition Centre to ensure a resumption of operations in full safety. Today we are standing alongside our companies with even greater determination to support them in their recovery and to strengthen their presence on foreign markets, also with new initiatives and strategic partnerships in terms of internationalisation. Organic farming and sustainability were the leitmotif of a dialogue that also involved the other two events taking place at the same time as SANA, highlighting the growing attention of producers, industries and consumers to environmental issues.”

“Last year, SANA was the year’s only in-person exhibition event. I think the fact that in 2021 the exhibition of organic and natural products was held together with OnBeauty and Cosmofarma,” comments Renato Ancorotti, president of Cosmetica Italia, “is a great sign of a recovery that finally seems to be gathering momentum. Not only that. For those of us in the cosmetics world who live and work across different sectors and distribution channels, a triple event like this is a clear sign of a virtuous synergy that will be essential to advance in order to successfully tackle the recovery. Specifically, at Sana we focused on natural and sustainable cosmetics, which at national level represent an industry worth over 1.6 billion euros.”

“SANA and The Organic Revolution 2021 have sent a positive signal of recovery and have served as an opportunity to take stock of the sector, revealing the constant growth trends both in production and in the market, with a considerable leap in exports,” said Maria Grazia Mammuccini, President of FederBio. “All positive signs that highlight structural growth. But it also revealed the critical issues that we need to address quickly if we want to seize the opportunities of this phase in which citizens are increasingly choosing organic products and Europe is focusing more and more decisively on organic production. We need clear and courageous political choices that invest in organic farming in order to support the ecological transition of Italian agriculture, starting with the National Strategic Plan of the CAP with the goal of 30% of total farmland cultivated using organic methods by 2027, to the definitive approval of the law and the drafting of the National Action Plan on organic farming.”

“In terms of economic, environmental and social sustainability, the role of organic farming has been strengthened over the last year thanks to a market that is extremely receptive to organic products and those of Italian origin. This has given special significance to the 2021 edition of SANA,” said Roberto Zanoni, President of AssoBio,“just a few months after the approval in the Senate of the law on organic farming, which is now awaiting passage through the Chamber of Deputies. The great interest in the world of organic farming, besides being the expression of a solid sector with great possibilities for growth, also confirms the increasingly frequent desire of consumers to choose organic and share the values it conveys. Confirming this interest was the attendance at the conferences organised by AssoBio: the conference “Food: Packaging&Bio – the AssoBio survey on sustainable packaging” underlined the importance of the combination of product-sustainable packaging as a fundamental aspect of consistency, which the consumer has fully understood and now expects. Our companies have embraced this mission and during this edition of SANA they demonstrated it with their experience backed up by numbers”.

SANA, the international exhibition of natural and organic products will meet the business community at next year’s edition in Bologna from 8 to 12 September 2022.


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