12 Dec 2019

New larger layout for the Private Label exhibition and conference Constant growth in exhibitor numbers – consistently over 10% in the last 5 months
A new pavilion assigned for the non-food sector: 15% more companies from the sector Foreign delegations from 26 countries

Less than one month away from MarcabyBolognaFiere 2020, due to take place on 15 and 16 January 2020 in Bologna, and the figures for the event dedicated to the Private Label sector, organised by BolognaFiere in collaboration with ADM (the Italian association for the grocery retail sector), point towards a very successful edition.

The number of exhibitors continues to rise, with double digit growth for the fifth consecutive year; the exhibition space will also be greater this year, with the addition of pavilion36; the number and variety of organic products, which now take  up almost a quarter of the exhibition space, will be greater than ever. Furthermore, the non-food sector will see an increase of +15% in the number of companies; the number of foreign delegations visiting the event has tripled; MARCA 2020 will also be further enhanced by new initiatives.

“Sixteen years ago, when we launched MarcabyBolognaFiere,” BolognaFiere President Gianpiero Calzolari explains, “we embarked on a pathway that anticipated the market trends. The constant growth of the event and the increasing attention of foreign buyers are proof of the dynamism of the Private Label sector, which still offers ample opportunities for development. In terms of volume, the share of private labels in Italy is estimated at around 30%, while the European average is in excess of 30%. In parallel, these innovative products,” continues Calzolari, “ respond to the consumers’ changing requirements with products that meet emerging trends such as organics, the growing attention to the sustainability of the packaging, traceability and food intolerances. The statistics provide the best demonstration of these trends: organic products today represent almost a quarter of the exhibition space at MarcabyBolognaFiere and ‘free from’ products for those with food intolerances, make up one fifth. For each of these segments we will be dedicating focus sessions to present the latest news and innovative solutions proposed by the main players in the market.”

The 2020 edition is set to be reinvigorated in terms of both the layout, which professional operators will be able to appreciate as it has been designed to make attending the event even more conducive to doing business. For the first time, non-food will have its own dedicated area, pavilion 36. More than 100 companies in this sector have already confirmed their presence; these are active in the sectors of ‘Personal Care’ and ‘ Home Care’, representing a total of more than 50 trade categories and hundreds of different products. Available to them will be an exhibition space of more than 3,500 square metres that will ensure the efficacy of the commercial matching activities. Alongside the co-packers in this area, proving the growing importance of the sector, will also be some of the Grocery Retail groups that sit on the Technical Scientific Committee for the event, which will be organising a second stand specifically to host buyers from the non-food sector.

The new area completes the layout of MarcabyBolognaFiere2020 combining with the pavilions 25, 26 and the new pavilions 29 and 30 (the latest to be created as part of the extension and revamping plan for the Bologna Exhibition Centre that, on completion of works in 2024, will see an increase of 30% of the exhibition space available with 90% of the structures either newly constructed or renovated).

The new layout further reinforces the position of the event at international level. Now, with an even more defined articulation of the trade sectors, Italian and foreign operators will be able to optimise their visits to the Fair, assisted by the new exhibition pathways that offer a more immediate perception of the content.

Among the new initiatives at the Fair is also the debut of MARCA FRESH, a space reserved entirely for news and innovations in the compartment of fresh produce and hosted within the event that will see the fruit and vegetable sector take centre stage, while the professional operators from the sector will be invited to discuss the topic of sustainable innovation.

The new Salone Satellite (Satellite Fair) hosted in pavilion 28 will offer new business opportunities to the thousands of professional operators in attendance. This event will examine the latest trends in the markets for organics, ‘free from’ products and traceability (an area in which the digital transformation is enabling rapid progress). Focus sessions for the operators will explore these themes in depth through a new format that combines cultural and exhibition content.

Also confirmed and expanded at the coming edition is MarcaTech (pavilion 30). In its seventh edition this appointment includes areas reserved for packaging, logistics and digital industry, which enables greater efficiency in the management of modern trade. Also in this case there has been a substantial increase in the number of companies participating, estimated at around 10%.

MarcabyBolognaFiere is an exhibition platform that offers notable visibility for the exhibiting companies in the Private Label business, a sector that is generating customer loyalty and becoming increasingly varied in terms of the product ranges and individual products on offer. Private Labels represent a new frontier for the market compared with industrial brand products, while also offering significant space for further growth. Among the exhibitors are also 20 large Grocery retail Groups that sit on the technical-scientific committee for the event, involved in the definition of the event’s development strategy.

In line with the growing attention of the market towards Private Label products, the 2020 edition of MarcabyBolognaFiere will promote an important programme for incoming delegations, developed also in collaboration with ITA- the Italian Trade Agency in order to encourage dialogue between exhibitors and buyers from the leading foreign markets. The top international retailers attending will be involved in a schedule of meetings with category managers from the leading Grocery Retail Groups as part of the VIP Buyer Program. The success of ‘made in Italy’ products worldwide is further underlined by the interest of international buyers in developing new commercial relationships. One statistic that highlights this trend is that the number of foreign delegations visiting MarcayBolognaFiere 2020 has tripled compared with the number from 2019, with buyers attending from 26 different countries.

Finally, MarcabyBolognaFiere 2020 confirms the organisation of informative meetings and training sessions that will form part of a packed calendar of conventions, debates, seminars and focus and analysis sessions concerning the main trends in modern trade and in the sector of Private Labels in particular. Among these will be the Opening Convention organised by ADM in collaboration with The European House – Ambrosetti and the presentation of the 16th MarcabyBolognaFiere Report promoted by BolognaFiere, compiled by IRI and Nomisma, with the involvement of the leading groups and associate members of ADM that sit on the Technical and Scientific Committee for the event.

The 2019 edition of the Fair counted 746 exhibitors and more than 10,100 professional operators (+7% compared with 2018), with an increase in the number of foreign operators of 11%, further underlining the interest in ‘made in Italy’ products.