Feb 22, 2021

The great platform dedicated to water and energy vectors – liquefied natural gas, hydrogen and methane – is enriched with a new event, FUELS MOBILITY, dedicated to the evolution of service stations and electric mobility.

BolognaFiere’s exhibition platform dedicated to water and methane – with ACCADUEO (the International Water Exhibition) and CH4 (the Exhibition dedicated to technologies and systems for the transport and distribution of gas) – has been enriched, with a view to a highly specialized supply chain, thanks to the collaboration agreement signed in 2020 with Mirumir and In Fieri, by the events ConferenzaGNL, HESE and Dronitaly. Within this important exhibition network that (for the first time in the fair panorama and at the same time) will offer a complete view on the world of energy vectors, FUELS MOBILITY (The Service Station of the Future) is now included.

The new event will focus attention on service stations (over 24,000 in Italy) and their transformation in response to the most modern energy vectors (LNG, hydrogen, electricity, methane); an evolution that sees them change from petrol stations to multi-energy and multiservice retailers to accompany customers in the new needs of sustainable mobility. New points of reference, therefore, definitely smart, active and in strong relationship with the consumer.

Emilia-Romagna and Bologna, for their attention to environmental issues and proactivity in managing the process of ecological and digital transition, are the perfect location for the first energy exhibition platform that will see the simultaneous holding of: ACCADUEO, CH4, ConferenzaGNL, HESE, Dronitaly and Fuels Mobility.

The attention of the Region is well evidenced by the objectives set, among many others: the mission to create a public transport system capable of combining high basic standards – as often reiterated by the Governor Bonaccini – also with the renewal of the local public transport fleet (primarily buses, with the replacement, already started, of over 1,100 vehicles).

Emilia-Romagna intends to achieve an almost complete renewal of the bus fleet, with new, less polluting vehicles and, in the meantime, to intervene on regional trains, in order to quickly have one of the youngest fleets in Europe. In the last two years, 165 buses have been purchased by the regional public transport companies, the last 31 of which, now in circulation, are powered by liquid methane (LNG). By 2035, the Region also intends to increase the use of renewable energy to 100% and achieve carbon neutrality before 2050. Challenging goals to achieve which it is expected a reinforcement of the energy fund and greater investment in production and research.

It is also worth mentioning that the Port of Ravenna will become a hub of green energy and circular economy with a high rate of investment and innovation (for example, remaining on the themes of the new event, attention will be paid to the capture of CO2 to generate blue hydrogen, as well as electrolysis for green hydrogen).

In the light of a very favorable context, the new exhibition platform aims to activate an intense dialogue between companies, professionals, experts and institutions.

Against this backdrop, Fuels Mobility will look not only at the filling stations of the future, but also at the emerging sector of electric mobility. The number of recharging stations is, in fact, constantly growing in Italy, in line with what is happening in Europe, thanks to the gradual implementation of the National Plan dedicated to electric mobility that aims to create a widespread and efficient recharging infrastructure throughout the country, from North to South, including the islands.

It will be an extremely broad vision, projected towards an increasingly sustainable future, that which in Bologna from 23 to 25 June 2021 will focus attention on energy vectors and which will also offer the opportunity to explore their use in contexts ranging from service stations for road transport to refuelling points dedicated to naval and air transport.


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