8 Oct 2019

The direction of the company’s development is underpinning the results for the first six months of the year

Bologna, 8 October 2019 – The Board of Directors of BolognaFiere S.p.A. in their meeting today unanimously approved the financial statements relating to the first 6 months of 2019.

The economic-financial results for the company’s first six months of activity in 2019 saw consolidated revenues of 103.1 million euros, an increase of 33% compared with the first 6 months of 2018 and of 46% compared with the same period in 2017, the more appropriate reference year due to the biennial frequency of some events.

EBITDA for the Group as a whole was 26% for the first six months of the year with the Group’s net profits exceeding 10 million euros.

The forecasts for the end of the year exceed 180 million in production value with an EBITDA of around 20%.The positive results for the first half of 2019 can be attributed to the performance of the fair events, in particular the leading international events and the contribution of activities taking place on an international scale, which represents an increasingly important asset for the Company. Within this context some important acquisitions finalised in 2018 and at the beginning of 2019 have further bolstered BolognaFiere’s position as the leading Group in Italy in terms of profits deriving from foreign markets.

 “The results for the first six months of 2019,” announced President Calzolari, “once again confirm, the validity of the strategic decisions shared by this Board of Directors. First and foremost, that of launching the interventions outlined in the Plan for Developing and Revamping the exhibition centre, which has served to boost its competitiveness, as well as the actions taken in terms of internationalisation. This latter aspect has included an ever more incisive presence of foreign buyers at the fair events in Italy and the launch of new initiatives in emerging markets in our leading sectors, reproducing projects for other trade sectors like publishing and the pet industry, that have already been achieved with the Cosmoprof platform. The BolognaFiere Group,” the President continued, “is today a genuine network of companies placing their know-how and professionalism at the service of national and international business. It is important to recognise that the company is achieving notable economic results even though it is making an unprecedented effort in terms of the investment in the renovation of the exhibition centre.”