4 Feb 2020

Thanks to the know-how and experience of two players in the trade fair sector, BolognaFiere and BOS, a new innovative trade fair project has been created – the FREE FROM HUB dedicated to the emerging sector of ‘free from’ products, which are becoming available in a growing variety of contexts.

 This category consists of products that don’t contain certain ingredients, compounds or substances that consumers choose to avoid for various reasons (from intolerances, allergies or alternative dietary choices and others). Increasingly widespread, in fact, are gluten free and lactose free products, which are increasingly flanked by an increasing number of other products free from other ingredients (eggs, salt, yeast and allergens). 

Previewed to professional operators on the occasion of MarcabyBolognaFiere 2020, the FREE FROM HUB immediately elicited the curiosity and interest of operators from the sector. 

FREE FROM HUB is an innovative and dynamic project: a transversal exhibition platform. It is not one single appointment, but a series of opportunities for in-depth sessions as part of the line up of events at BolognaFiere in which free-from products can be relevant. 

There are four major events that, from 2020, will be involving the FREE FROM HUB project: 

  • COSMOFARMA (BolognaFiere, 17-19 April) 
  • SANA, International Exhibition of Natural and Organic products (BolognaFiere, 10-13 September) 
  • CIOFE China International Organic Food Exhibition (5-7 November, Xiamen, China) 

and in 2021: 

  • MARCABYBOLOGNAFIERE – Private Label Conference and Exhibition (BolognaFiere, 13-14 January). 

as well as other reference events that take place annually. 

This is the starting point for a hub that will later address foreign markets. 

FREE FROM HUB is positioned within the BolognaFiere events that are leaders in their respective sectors, providing businesses involved in the sector of free from products with new tools to showcase their own products, enabling them to stand out at the single events. The project will be completed with a series of in-depth sessions that will involve the leading experts and actors. 

In view of the rapid growth experienced by the market for free from foods in recent years and the versatility of companies and operators in this sector, it is no longer possible to think of representing the market at one single event, thus the FREE FROM HUB was created precisely to meet the requirements of the market and all of the stakeholders of this compartment, in order to analyse and represent it. 

The strength and uniqueness of the FREE FROM HUB lies in the fact that, positioning itself within the events that have specific targets for their respective sectors, and with events throughout the year, both in Italy and abroad, it is able to meet all types of requirement, both of companies and national and international buyers and consumers. 

FREE FROM HUB is, in every respect, the new primary reference point for getting to know the international free from market, the missing link in the international trade fair panorama that BolognaFiere and BOS have had the prescience and the capacity to represent.