24 May 2021

The digital event by Cosmoprof becomes a prestigious showcase to present the excellence of the Italian cosmetics industry 

The excellence and quality of the Made in Italy cosmetics industry will be in the foreground at the first edition of WeCOSMOPROF International, the Cosmoprof international digital event scheduled from 7 to 18 June. Thanks to the support of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and ITA – Italian Trade Agency, over 230 Italian companies will be able to participate in the initiative and present quality products and services to international players in the sector. 

WeCOSMOPROF International will involve the entire community of the Cosmoprof international network thanks to the synergy between all the souls of the platform: Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna, Cosmoprof Asia, Cosmoprof North America, Cosmoprof India, and Cosmoprof CBE Asean. Thanks to the innovative digital tools of the Cosmoprof My Match software, participating companies will be able to contact potential customers from all over the world, building a network of relationships essential to relaunch their activities in the coming months. 

“Thanks to the presence of stakeholders from all major world markets, WeCOSMOPROF International is an exclusive opportunity for visibility and business to promote the Made in Italy cosmetic industry, – declares the President of BolognaFiere, Gianpiero Calzolari. – Waiting to be able to return to the events in attendance in the second half of 2021, the collaboration of ITA – Italian Trade Agency, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, and Cosmetica Italia, the national association of cosmetic companies, allows us to continue to support our companies in new internationalization and digital projects. The aim is to spread the knowledge, creativity, and quality of Italian entrepreneurship throughout the world. ” 

“As a government and as a foreign ministry, we are alongside all the companies in the cosmetics sector in this complex phase, but we are also interested in highlighting new opportunities. The idea of moving towards digital and hybrid fairs and events, in a period when physical ones are not allowed, is perfectly in line with our business and our vision and demonstrates a lively dialogue between institutions and the trade fair system. We strongly believe that what we have learned in this historical period will be useful for the future”, declares Hon. Manlio Di Stefano, Undersecretary of State at the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation

“We want to support Italian companies in reacting to this historical crisis by combining reaction and vision, actions capable of supporting short-term recovery and, at the same time, suitable for accompanying companies to adapt to the new paradigms of international trade: innovation, digital, and sustainability. – says Carlo Ferro, President of ICE Agenzia. – On these guidelines, following the Pact for Export, ICE Agenzia has built its support strategy, and the collaboration with Cosmoprof is an excellent example. Fourteen new initiatives, primarily digitally centered, will be at the disposal of companies, including the Fiera Smart 365 platform, e-commerce agreements with 28 of the leading world marketplaces, and the training of digital export managers. We are planning a particular project to support Made in Italy in the world through an extensive campaign and the fight against Italian sounding using the blockchain. Good luck to the whole team of Cosmoprof for the launch of WeCOSMOPROF International. ” 

“Responding to the challenges of contemporary times with innovative solutions, capable of exploiting the potential of digital tools, supporting the turnover of the Italian cosmetics industry on foreign markets, and being ready for the next meetings in presence. This orientation is shared with our historic partner BolognaFiere Cosmoprof and the institutions responsible for export promotion. The final objective – comments Renato Ancorotti, President of Cosmetica Italia – is to offer concrete tools in favour of a sector that, despite the emergency, has proved to be reactive, delivering negative final balances but less critical than expected. According to 2020 preliminary figures affected by uncertainties at an international level, exports recorded a -16.7% with a value of over 4.1 billion. The value of the trade balance is approaching 2.3 billion euros, better trends than contiguous sectors, confirming the great appreciation enjoyed by Italian cosmetics abroad. Italian beauty is a synonym of quality, safety, creativity, and innovation, so much so that forecasts already speak of a recovery in exports of 5% for the current year.”

WeCOSMOPROF International is organised by Cosmoprof Asia Ltd, a joint venture between BolognaFiere and Informa Markets. 

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