30 Jul 2021

The BolognaFiere Group’s activities are extending into Latin America 

The international presence of the BolognaFiere Group, a player in the trade fair sector with consolidated expertise on foreign markets, is expanding into the Latin American area with the opening of a new company and new offices in Guadalajara in Mexico. 

North America, China, Asia, Russia and Europe are the geographical areas in which the BolognaFiere Group has gained a decades-long, consolidated presence and where it operates through a business model that has become a key component of the company’s success and that of its partners, with an emphasis on internationalization for the companies interested in opening a commercial dialogue in expanding markets. 

BolognaFiere’s presence in Mexico fits perfectly with this business model: the country, in fact, due to its strategic geographical position – as a pivot between North and Central America – is considered a fast track to the North American market thanks to the NAFTA/USMCA treaty. 

In the Latin American area Mexico stands out for the stability of its economy and for internal consumption trends supported by a young population and the constant expansion of the upper and middle income groups with a significant propensity for consumption. 

It is also a trade platform with vast possibilities for growth and significant opportunities for “made in Italy” businesses. In 2020 Italian exports to Mexico exceeded a total of 3,120 million euros, distributed across different product sectors. 

The BolognaFiere Group’s new company – GIPLANET MEXICO – will operate on two different levels of activity: the setting up of exhibition spaces and the organization of fair events, which it is already working on. 

These are two areas of activities that characterize the BolognaFiere Group’s work and for which it is among the major global players working successfully in Italy and overseas. 

GIPLANET MESSICO has already signed various contractual agreements that will see the company become operational by autumn 2021: the official debut will be in the coming October with the setting up of Industrial Transformation Mexico, an important event dedicated to the digital industry in Leòn (a city in which a further three events are in the pipeline) and, then it will be involved in the setting up of some leading events for South America, such as the Monterey Wedding Expo, TlaquepArte Guadalajara and Latinzoo, Latin America’s leading event for the pet industry, held in Mexico City. 

With regards to the activities of trade fair organization, the new company is already involved in the creation of some events, taking place from 2023, for the worlds of cosmetics and beauty from a trade perspective and the pet sector from a B2B perspective. 

Through GIPLANET MEXICO, the Bolognafiere Group will also become a reference partner for international trade fair organizers that operate (or that intend to operate in the future) in Latin America, which will be able to count on an interlocutor with consolidated experience and high standards of service that are recognised at international level. 

In parallel with its two core activities GIPLANET MEXICO will be a bridgehead for “made in Italy” companies, interested in opening up a commercial dialogue in expanding markets, with a particularly emphasis on some industries and productive sectors. With its established business model, which has already proved to be successful in the Asian market, the company will be involved in actions of scouting and boosting numbers of incoming visitors from Mexico and, more generally, from the Latin American area. 

The GIPLANET MEXICO offices in Guadalajara, Mexico’s second largest city, boasts a team of employees who work in close cooperation with their colleagues in Italy and BolognaFiere’s other international offices. 


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