BolognaFiere, In Fieri and Mirumir have come together to support innovation in the sector of gas distribution systems and technologies.

7 May 2020

In a scenario in which we are seeing an increasingly marked integration of the most innovative technological aspects, in order to be successful it is becoming essential to offer exhibition platforms where different but correlated industries can come together and discuss an overall strategic vision.

From this perspective of vertical specialisation, BolognaFiere, In Fieri and Mirumir – organisations specialised in hosting national and international trade fair events, conferences and training events – have signed a partnership agreement that will make it possible to further enhance the exhibition network H2O/CH4 scheduled to take place in Bologna from 5 to 7 May 2021.

BolognaFiere, one of the leading players in the European trade fair sector, with a consolidated specialisation in the field of organising B2B fairs, including H2O – the international reference event for the sector of Water technologies, treatment, distribution and sustainability – which is now in its 15th edition and every two years brings the leading companies in the sector to the discussion table alongside top international experts. At each edition the event is integrated with exhibitions that enable the detailed examination of complementary themes, such as in the case of CH4, an exhibition event focused on technologies and systems for the transportation of gas.

In addition to developing an even more wide-ranging and integrated vision of the most contemporary aspects concerning the Gas sector, the agreement will mean that ConferenzaGNL, the initiative created by Mirumir in 2012 to promote the direct use of LNG in the Euro-Mediterranean area, will be held alongside H2O 2021. Over the three days of the event, European and national institutions, associations, companies and experts will discuss the use of LNG in seaborne transport, heavy overland transport and for industries and isolated networks in Italy and the Mediterranean. .

Environmental sustainability and energy production are also key themes at an important new event promoted by In Fieri and dedicated to the sector of logistics, production and final use of hydrogen. HESE – Hydrogen Energy Summit & Expo, in fact, will also be holding its first edition in Bologna from 5 to 7 May 2021.

The collaboration between BolognaFiere, In Fieri and Mirumir will also lead to the creation, in parallel to H2O, of a new themed event – Dronitaly – specifically for the Italian community in the drone sector, which will develop discussions on the most pertinent and urgent themes concerning technologies that are being increasingly used in the management of networks and the protection of the environment.

 “In order to provide valuable support to the business community, we are committed to creating extremely specialised exhibition platforms,” announced Antonio Bruzzone, General Manager of BolognaFiere / Gianpiero Calzolari, President of BolognaFiere, “focused on spreading the culture of innovation beyond company business on an international scale. We are convinced that this new agreement will provide a further opportunity to enhance an exhibition platform that is already highly regarded in the sector and that enjoys the participation of some highly innovative companies that are often involved directly, or through their products, technologies and know-how, in the creation of some of the largest international infrastructure projects.”

 “We are delighted to be able to launch this partnership,” announced Paolo Angelini, Manager of In Fieri and Mirumir, “We are certain that BolognaFiere’s great attention to promoting the business and innovation will contribute to creating a truly excellent showcase for the stakeholders that operate in the sectors of interest to us.”