2 Oct 2019

BolognaFiere was the first fair organiser to realize the importance of the organic sector, the growth potential and its strategic value; this knowledge led to the creation of SANA, the International Exhibition of Natural and Organic Products.

Today our country (Italy) is in first place in Europe for the number of companies operating in the organic sector. There are two million hectares of organic-certified agricultural land, we are the European Union’s leading exporter of organic products with annual revenues of over two billion euros and the government, according to Minister Bellanova, intends to place agriculture and food production at the top of the national agenda, with an even greater emphasis on quality, excellence, traceability, security and the positioning of our companies and our products in Italy and around the world.

In parallel to the development of the sector, the SANA event, which BolognaFiere has been organising for more than thirty years, has given life to an exhibition network to support the development of agriculture and certified agri-food production.

The most recent edition of the event, which concluded in September, involved more than 1000 companies in an exhibition space of 60,000 m2, 950 innovative products plus a substantial contingent of international buyers. The entire organic production chain has its reference event in SANA, which divides its exhibition displays into the sector of FOOD, NON FOOD and GREEN LIFESTYLE.

Within this vast range of products and the involvement of leading companies, a trend of particular interest has been highlighted in the sector of wine production in which national organic wines are becoming especially distinguished, earning significant recognition both nationally and internationally.

Italy’s great winemaking tradition, which has been responsible for making the country one of the world’ s main producers, is looking with growing interest at organic production methods and the market is seeing a trend for organic labels among the products of renowned excellence.

In order to provide some points for reflection as well as analysis to support the business strategies of operators that work in this sector, BolognaFiere, AssoBio and FederBio, UIV (the Italian Wine Union), Fiera del Levante, in collaboration with FederBio Puglia, have organised the event on Friday 11 October at 3pm in Sala 1 at the Nuova Fiera del Levante Congresss Centre – the convention ORGANIC WINE: TECHNICAL ASPECTS, REGULATIONS AND THE MARKET.

The convention aims to focus attention on some topics of particular interest for professional operators, such as the evolution of the organic wine sector in Italy and its development prospects; the regulatory aspects concerning the new EU rules relating to organic wine; the problems linked to the use of copper in organic winemaking and the possible alternatives as well as the opportunities for common market organisation wine in the organic sector.

The convention will begin with institutional addresses from the organisers and the authorities, and will then continue with speeches by Silvia Zucconi (Nomisma); Elisabetta Romeo-Vareille (Italian Wine Union); Carlo Bazzocchi (FederBio Servizi); Michelangelo De Palma (FederBio Servizi). The conclusions reached at the debate will be summarised by Roberta Cafiero (Director of the PQAI 1 office at the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies).

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