ARTE FIERA: the 45th edition

20 Dec 2021

Arte Fiera will reopen its doors from 21 to 23 January 2022, energised by a spirit of recommencement and by the eagerness to once again personally welcome professionals and the art-loving public.

Arte Fiera 2022, the third physical edition under the artistic direction of Simone Menegoi (the 2021 edition was replaced by the online cultural project Playlist), presents the strong points of the two previous editions, with emphasis on the quality of exhibited artworks.

Simone Menegoi affirms that “After responsibly and transparently managing the effects of the crisis caused by the pandemic, Arte Fiera is back with its head held high, with a selection of galleries maintaining the highest quality standards enriched by some interesting new entries, renewed stands, and a more logical and efficient path to guide visitors.”

The fair’s structure will be reinforced in the upcoming edition, with three invitation- only curated sections that accompany the Main Section to emphasise the key elements of the fair’s identity: modern art and post- war masters (Focus), 21st-century art (Pittura XXI), and photography and video (Photography and moving images ).

The selection of galleries will be combined with an approach that gives space to personal poetics, and exhibitors will be explicitly requested to present a limited number of artists. As in the past, monographic exhibits (of both post-war masters and contemporary artists) will be encouraged. In 2022, these monographic stands – 35 in all, about a fourth of the total – will once again be a significant presence.

As for its primary objectives, Arte Fiera, the longest-living Italian art fair (begun in 1974) remains true to its calling: to be the key art fair for Italian galleries and for 20th- and 21st- century Italian art.

As in 2020, the fair will be held in Halls 15 (contemporary art) and 18 (20th-century art), but with a new entrance so that visitors may choose which Hall to see first.

There will also be more elegant and orderly stands, the result of BolognaFiere’s decision to invest in the exhibition, enhancing its quality without any expense to participating galleries.

Gianpiero Calzolari , President of BolognaFiere, confirms that “Demonstrating a great sense of responsibility to galleries  and to our public, we decided to cancel the Fair in 2021, without looking for alternative dates that might not have come to fruition. We also did this in order not to compromise our traditional late-January event, and fully reimbursed the fees that had been paid by exhibitors. With equal responsibility, and despite these uncertain times, BolognaFiere decided to make a significant investment in Arte Fiera, with new stands to further enhance the exhibition’s image and the galleries’ proposals. We are happy to welcome you once again here in Bologna in January 2022, at an Arte Fiera that will greet art lovers and professionals with quality artworks in an environment that will be even more delightful to visit and experience.”


145 galleries will participate in Arte Fiera 2022  (link for complete list: galleries-list).

The following is a brief summary of the contents of each section and their participants.

The Main Section ranges from Modern and Post-War art (the Fair’s traditional strong points) to contemporary research, with significant emphasis on Italian art. It encourages monographic stands and curatorial proposals that focus on a 20th-century school, trend, or period.

Focus, introduced in 2020, concentrates on modern art and post-war masters, with content that changes from year to year: the curator is free to choose the period, trend, and artistic school to be presented. The 2022 edition, curated by art critic and historian Marco Meneguzzo, will regard so-called “exact art” (which includes kinetic art, programmed art, and similar trends) from the late ’50s to the ’70s, with specific attention to the Italian scene.

Pittura XXI, curated by independent critic and curator Davide Ferri, now in its third edition, is a new format for art fairs (both Italian and foreign): a panorama of 21st-century painting that ranges from emerging to mid- career artists. In past editions, this section was extremely popular with both professionals and the public: for the first time, a fair has devoted a specialised section to the most traditional artistic medium, which in recent years has returned to centre stage for critics, institutions, and the market.

Lastly, Photography and moving images, curated by the Fantom platform (Selva Barni, Benedetta Pomini, Ilaria Speri, Massimo Torrigiani and Francesco Zanot), considers the photographic medium in a strictly contemporary manner: it is open to video and encourages dialogue between photography and other media. Now in its third edition, it is a reference point in Italy for collectors and enthusiasts. Photography and moving images is supported by Mercedes-Benz, the fair’s automotive partner with Stefauto.


Arte Fiera 2022 will offer rich and inclusive contents with some of the most interesting names on the contemporary Italian art scene. The public programme ranges among expressive genres and offers professionals and the general public a close-up look at the state of art in Italy.

In every edition since 2019 – the first year of Simone Menegoi’s mandate as artistic director – Arte Fiera has commissioned a well-known Italian artist to create a new, large-scale work to be presented to the public at the fair. The artist invited to Arte Fiera 2022 (following Flavio Favelli, Eva Marisaldi, and Stefano Arienti) is Liliana Moro (b. Milan, 1961). One of the most original Italian artists since the late 1980s, Moro is not easily classified: although she works with recurring subjects, expressive formulas and materials – from references to games to scale models, up to her recent ceramics – her 30 years of work resists all attempts at pigeon-holing, challenging viewers to face her works without prejudice.

To carry out her commission, Moro has chosen an unusual material, one that she has employed regularly since the late ‘90s: sound. Focussing on a section of the path that connects the North Entrance to the halls of Arte Fiera – three long corridors with moving walkways that are commonly found in airports and metros – Moro

has conceived a sort of large sound sculpture, elaborated with her own voice, that visitors will experience as they move to and from the halls.

Oplà. Performing Activities , curated by Silvia Fanti (Xing ), now in its third edition, is recognised world- wide for its interdisciplinary look at contemporary cultures, with special attention to live arts, an expressive form that has characterised Bologna’s artistic scene since the 70s.

There are four activities on the programme, by Italian artists (by birth or adoption).

Jacopo Benassi (b. 1970), photographer, artist, and performer, known for the rawness of his style, proposes Unisex , an activity in an unexpected space: the bathrooms in the fair’s Infopoint area. The artist will welcome guests in the common rooms of the bathrooms according to a new and inclusive exhibition practice based on live shooting.

Invernomuto (Simone Bertuzzi, b. 1983, and Simone Trabucchi, b. 1982), presents Vernascacadabra, an intangible radio performance that adds a new piece to the linguistic and subculture research that characterises their work. The activity takes place on the loudspeaker system in the halls, from which Invernomuto will trans- mit a series of works for ocarina, announced and played throughout the day.

Muna Mussie (b. 1978), an Eritrean artist based in Bologna, presents Persona, an encounter between the artist and visitors, mediated by sewing: Mussie challenges visitors to have their worst defect embroidered on an article of their clothing.

Luca Trevisani (b. 1979) presents his new Ai piedi del pane , at the crossroads of performing activity and metaphoric/organic sculpture: works to wear, shoes with soles of bread grafted onto existing uppers, bas reliefs to take for a walk around Arte Fiera. An act of cultural archaeology that employs irony to challenge our hierarchy of material values.

The Talk section is a very important part of the public programme. In 2022, it will be renamed Book Talk and will focus exclusively on the presentation of recently-published books.

There will be many daily presentations throughout the three days of the fair. Here are a few highlights (the day- by-day programme will soon be available on

  • Liliana Moro, artist invited by Arte Fiera for the 2022 edition, presents the book Ascolto (Di Paolo Edizioni) in dialogue with the book’s curator Cecilia Casorati and gallerist Mario Pieroni. The book, published in 2021, focusses exclusively on the artist’s work with sound.
  • Gianfranco Maraniello, curator (with Alberto Salvadori and Vincenzo Trione) of the book Aria Italiana (Mousse Publishing, 2021) on the current scene in Italy, introduces the book along with Massimo Kaufmann, one of the artists included, engaging in a game of chess on a multicoloured work/chessboard created by Kaufmann. This is the first public presentation of Aria ItalIana, commissioned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Marco Meneguzzo, curator of the Focus section, which is dedicated this year to the rational approaches to artistic creation from the ‘50s to the ‘70s, moderates a talk on the past, present, and possible future of kinetic and programmed art with Domenico Quaranta and Valentino Catricalà (authors of Sopravvivenza programmata. Etiche e pratiche di conservazione, dall’arte cinetica alla Net Art, Edizioni Kappabit, 2020), and Lucilla Meloni (author of Le ragioni del gruppo. Un percorso tra gruppi, collettivi, sigle, comunità nell’arte in Italia dal 1945 al 2000, Postmediabooks, 2020).
  • Laura Cherubini, curator of Focus in 2020, will talk with Andrea Viliani, Director and Curator of CRRI – Centro di Ricerca Castello di Rivoli, about his book Controcorrente. I grandi solitari dell’arte italiana. Alighiero Boetti, Gino De Dominicis, Luciano Fabro, Fabio Mauri, Vettor Pisani, Marisa Merz (Marinotti, 2020).


BMPS Collection Award

The BMPS Collection Award is devoted to painting, a medium that in recent years has returned to centre stage for both critics and the public, and consists of the purchase of a work, chosen from the Pittura XXI section of Arte Fiera, for the BMPS Collection. The BMPS Collection was created by an enthusiastic group of private art collectors who, about two years ago, decided to combine their collection of works (primarily from the 1950s to the 1970s) with a collection of paintings by young artists. The collectors intend to form a large body of works in order to promote and enhance the work of young artists by personally supporting projects and events involving these artists at institutional headquarters. The BMPS Collection is represented by Stefano Pirrone, Wealth Advisor at Banca Mediolanum and partner in the collection.


Instituted in 2017, the ANGAMC Award is the only Italian award that honours the role and career of a gallerist affiliated with the Associazione Nazionale Gallerie d’ Arte Moderna e Contemporanea who has distinguished him/herself for outstanding personal and professional qualities. Over the years, the award has been presented to honour the career of gallerists Carla Pellegrini (Galleria Milano, Milan), Giorgio Marconi (Studio Marconi / Galleria Gió Marconi, Milan), Pasquale Ribuffo (Galleria De’ Foscherari, Bologna), and Roberto Casamonti (Tornabuoni Arte, Florence, Milan, Paris, Crans Montana, Forte dei Marmi), with fond remembrance of Ginevra Grigolo (Galleria Studio G7, Bologna).

With the physical return of Arte Fiera Bologna, the Associazione Nazionale Gallerie d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, chaired by Mauro Stefanini, will assign the ANGAMC 2021 Award (suspended due to the health emergency).

Jacobacci & Partners Arte e Progetto Award

Now in its second edition, the Jacobacci & Partners’ “Arte e Progetto” Award is a form of accolade for the cultural project underlying one of the galleries participating in Arte Fiera 2022. Its aim is to reward the idea and the underlying vision implemented in part through the exhibition proposal featured at the fair. The parameters on which the award will be presented by a jury composed of Elena Re, Luca Lo Pinto, and Giorgio Fasol are therefore ones of cultural commitment, coherence and, at the same time, the freshness of an idea that sets out from the everyday activity of the gallery and which is then projected and expressed within the context of Arte Fiera.

On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of Jacobacci & Partners, one of Europe’s leading firms in the field of intellectual property protection, the celebrations will commence here in Bologna.

Rotary Award

The Rotary Award, celebrating its tenth edition in 2022, awards the most creative installation (either the creation by an artist or the overall setup of a stand) presented at Arte Fiera 2022. For this special occasion, the amount of the award will be doubled and all of the Rotary Clubs of Bologna, combined in the Felsineo Rotary Group, Rotary International District 2072 Emilia Romagna and Republic of San Marino, Rotaract Bologna, and Libera Accademia di Studi Caravaggeschi “Francesco Maria Cardinal del Monte” research facility will take part. In addition, the jury will once again include Silvia Grandi and Silvia Evangelisti two experts who contributed to creation of the Award. The complete Award includes the Rotary Award to gallery, the Special Rotaract Bologna Award, and the Special “Andrea Sapone” award by Rotary Club Bologna Valle del Samoggia.

Osvaldo Licini Award by Fainplast

The Osvaldo Licini by Fainplast Award stems from an idea by the Picena Contemporary Art Association with the collaboration and contribution of the City of Ascoli Piceno and the Fainplast group: an institution, an association, and a private company, united to celebrate a 20th-century master. The award, for Italian painting, does not have an internal jury. Instead, 34 professionals in the contemporary art field were requested to name an artist who, in their opinion, stood out for his/her work or who has had a major career. The artist must be Italian, must work mainly in painting, not be older than 64 (Osvaldo Licini’s age at his death), and must have taken part in at least one large show in Italy or abroad. In 2021, the award was won by Marco Neri, chosen from among 4 finalists. For the 2022 edition of the Award, one of the four finalists will be exhibited in the Pittura XXI section of Arte Fiera, selected by jury composed of a member appointed by Picena Contemporary Art Association plus two contemporary art professionals

The collectors. chain Award by Art Defender

The collectors. chain is the first Italian award for photography assigned by a jury composed primarily of collectors. Part of Arte Fiera’s “Photography and Moving Images” section, the award derives from Art Defender’s special relationship with photography. Over the years, Art Defender, the only company in Italy providing integrated services for art collection management, has confirmed its expertise in the conservation, manage- ment and digitisation of photographic archives, working alongside major public institutions and private founda- tions, utilising state-of-the-art technologies and collaborating with top experts in the field. The collectors.chain, founded in February 2021 as a virtual community linking the most authoritative personalities in collecting, was created to share and stimulate relations and dialogue regarding the many characteristics of being a collector, generating a series of projects that express the idea of Art Defender’s business model: a platform that gathers collectors and professionals who are passionate about art.

Trust for Contemporary Art

The 2022 edition of Arte Fiera welcomes the Trust for Contemporary Art. Founded by Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio in Bologna, Fondazione del Monte di Bologna e Ravenna and BolognaFiere in 2020, the Trust set up and manages a fund dedicated to contemporary art, with resources pro- vided by its three founders and by additional supporters who will play an active role in promoting and enhancing its goals. The Trust’s overall objective is to help make Bologna one of the capitals of contemporary art, especially by strengthening the role of MAMbo – Museo d’ Arte Moderna di Bologna and of the Modern and Contemporary Art Area of Istituzione Bologna Musei. One of its specific goals is to enlarge Bologna’s public collections of Italian art from the 1950s to the present: advised by a jury of experts, the Trust will invest 30 thousand euros at Arte Fiera to acquire one or more works from this period.


From 20 to 23 January 2022, the 10th edition of ART CITY Bologna, the institutional programme of exhibits, events, and special projects promoted by the Municipality of Bologna in collaboration with BolognaFiere, will once again join Arte Fiera to enliven the city’s most exciting period for contemporary art.

Coordinated by the Modern and Contemporary Art Area of Istituzione Bologna Musei under the artistic direction of Lorenzo Balbi , the programme repeats the format successfully applied in the last three editions, with a main programme offering a special project and a series of curatorial projects presenting a comprehensive look at contemporary artistic practices. The programme also includes exhibits and events at museums, foundations, institutional spaces, Ascom galleries, exhibition spaces, and independent galleries in the city.

In a scenario inevitably affected by the pandemic, ART CITY Bologna 2022 commences with a mandatory redefinition of ways to share public space and with a reflection on the variable dynamics of interpersonal relations. The works will take the form of activities, shows, and site-specific installations presented in usual and unusual locations, generating narrations and new interactions.

Of course, there will also be ART CITY White Night on Saturday 22 January, with many sites of the ART CITY Bologna circuit, as well as galleries, independent exhibition spaces, historical buildings and shops open until midnight.



Where: Bologna Fair District, Halls 15 and 18

Entrance: North Entrance (Ingresso Nord) of the Fair (from Piazza Costituzione: free shuttle bus service every 2 minutes)

When: open to the public 21-23 January 2022;

20 January (invitation only): Press Preview 11 AM-12 N / Preview 12 N – 5 PM / Vernissage 5 – 9 PM Hours: 21 January 11 AM -12 N reserved to VIPs / 12 N – 8 PM open to the public;

22 and 23 January 11 AM – 8 PM open to the public

Info: +39 051 282111


www.artefiera. it

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Official hashtag #artefiera2022


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