AIE and BolognaFiere: partners promoting Italian publishing abroad and organizing new initiatives for the world of books

27 Apr 2021

Levi (AIE): “BolognaFiere is an important partner, helping us to achieve our institutional goals and grow the children’s publishing sector”

Calzolari (BolognaFiere): “Partnering AIE to develop new visibility and commercial opportunities for Italian publishing on international markets”

An important publishing fact: 4 out of 10 titles by Italian authors sold abroad are books for children and young adults

Joining forces to promote the children’s publishing industry in Italy and overseas and organize new publishing events in Italy. The Italian Publishers’ Association (AIE) and BolognaFiere S.p.A. – already consolidated partners, especially for Bologna Children’s Book Fair – have signed a Memorandum of Understanding extending their collaboration. 

The first significant step of this agreement will be in June. The AIE will be an active player in BolognaBookPlus, the BolognaFiere event to be held concomitantly with Bologna Children’s Book Fair (14-17 June). Addressing the generalist publishing industry, BolognaBookPlus will include an international conference on sector innovation, a training course for junior agents, a translation forum, and an exhibition on book covers in the digital age. In December, BolognaFiere will provide technical support for the Rights Centre of Più libri più liberi, the national trade show for SME publishers organized by AIE in Rome. AIE and BolognaFiere will also be working together in many other areas, starting with the promotion of Italian publishing in trade fairs abroad. 

“This agreement with BolognaFiere”, – says AIE President, Ricardo Franco Levi“provides AIE with a major partner to help us achieve the key objectives of our Association’s mission: promoting Italian publishing abroad and supporting the internationalization of our publishers. Recent years have shown how fundamental it is to create collaborative networks and exchange expertise. We are delighted to be able to do so with BolognaFiere, an example of Italian excellence, and one of the international companies that has most competently responded to the challenges the pandemic placed before the trade fair sector. For our part, we aim to give even greater support to publishing for children and young adults, a major, highly internationalized, business sector.” 

In value terms, the publishing for children and young adults accounts for 17.3% of the trade market (bookshops, online, large-scale distribution – 2020 data). Even more significantly, a recent AIE survey on copyright imports and exports reports that 38 of every 100 titles by Italian authors sold abroad are books for children and young people. 

“The Memorandum of Understanding between BolognaFiere and AIE” – comments BolognaFiere President, Gianpiero Calzolari“shows the extent to which we and the Italian Publishers’ Association have several objectives in common, first among them, promoting Italian publishing and the creative expression of authors at a global level. We are fully confident that BolognaFiere’s international standing as one of the most go-ahead fair organizers in foreign markets, together with the experience of Bologna Children’s Book Fair, the world’s leading children’s publishing trade show, and the new initiatives planned and introduced over the past year – in advance of the timetable on account of the pandemic – will pave the way for new visibility and business opportunities for a sector that already enjoys international market acclaim”. 


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