30 Lug 2020

The high-profile South China Beauty Expo (SCBE) held for the first time at the Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Centre opens today on July 30, 2020. Jointly organised by BolognaFiere, Informa Markets and Shanghai Baiwen Exhibition Co Ltd, South China Beauty Expo will gather more than 800 high-quality exhibitors and brands from the entire beauty industry chain, comprising 22,500 sqm of exhibition area, to explore the market opportunities and welcoming 20,000 attendees from the beauty industry. As the important business platform for gathering industry-wide exhibitors and helping industry to rebound, SCBE has played a significant role for the beauty sector in reshaping confidence, building new bridge and outputting advanced products. 

Mr David Bondi, Senior Vice President – Asia of Informa Markets said, ” South China Beauty Expo is an important milestone under the Informa Markets Beauty portfolio, as the first B2B event bridging the suppliers and buyers in the Greater Bay Area. The core value of SCBE is to become an effective professional platform to share innovative technologies, ideas and products to the beauty professionals globally as well as to create more business opportunities across the entire beauty supply chain. ” 

“SCBE is the first event organized by Informa Markets, BolognaFiere and Shanghai Baiwen Exhibition, a proof that international key players must work together to develop the beauty industry – declares Antonio Bruzzone, General Manager of BolognaFiere. – Further to that, SCBE is the first beauty exhibition in the Greater Bay Area, one of China’s fastest-growing regions, which includes Guangzhou and Shenzhen. All exhibitors and attendees can take advantage of visibility and business in a very strategic market. As BolognaFiere, we will consolidate our activities in the region, to offer new opportunities to the over 10,000 companies and the more than 500,000 operators of the Cosmoprof community worldwide. SCBE will help the beauty industry restart after the pandemic. Thanks to its strategic location in Shenzhen, it will become a crucial appointment for stakeholders interested in the great economic potential of the region.” 

Mr Sang Jingmin, Chairman of the China Beauty Expo and President of the Shanghai Convention & Exhibition Industries Association, has expressed great confidence in South China Beauty Expo.” On behalf of China Beauty Expo (CBE), a co-host of the South China Beauty Expo (SCBE), I wish the 2020 SCBE a great success! In this unprecedented time, it is necessary to break away and set sail to seize new opportunities! As the first beauty exhibition during this special period in the Greater Bay Area, a show that’s thoroughly planned with plentiful of new features and accurate integration of both online and offline resources, it is surely to help beauty professionals dig deeper into the South China beauty market, gain trend insights, and inject new momentum into China’s beauty industry!” 

Onsite show highlights decoding new trends of beauty industry 

AHMA 10th Hair & Styling Awards and Hair Culture Exchange Hair Show 

It is worth mentioning that The 10th AHMA Hair & Styling Awards and Hair Culture Exchange Hair Show, co-organised with Asia Hair Masters Association (AHMA) which have always been making with the purpose of “Help Me Grow and Create the Future” for the young hairdressers to enhance skills and fashionable aesthetics through competition, will be held on day 1 of SCBE. The event will invite the WAHL ambassador team and the representative hairdressing masters in Guangdong to join the potential young hairdressers to conduct a hair show with both artistic and visual effects. By then, this wonderful performance and viewing experience will be shared with 600 friends in the hairdressing industry. 

Future Shop and “LITTLE B BOX” Innovate Retail Experience 

Upgrade and innovation of retail technology are part of the concerns of the beauty industry’s retail terminals. Deeply affected by the current pandemic, the offline beauty channel desperately needs mature retail technology to overtake on the corner. SCBE will join hands with Shanghai Exland International Exhibition Co., Ltd. to create a new Future Shop on the spot for the Greater Bay Area with future retail store as the carrier to show the increasingly mature Chinese retail technology, such as smart store management system and immersive experience. The coming retail experience brought by the Future Shop is worth looking forward to. 

In addition, the LITTLE B from The Beast has partnered with SCBE and CENTDEGRÉS to create the “LITTLE B BOX“, which will demonstrate how offline retailers can attract more customers by enhancing shopping experience through innovative business models. 

KOL Live-streaming 

In recent years, live-streaming has shuffled the entire KOL industry. More and more fashion products, especially beauty brands, are looking for e-commerce KOL to generate sales. The pandemic in 2020 has accelerated the development of e-commerce and live-streaming sales. The official rise of live-streaming sales has changed the sales channels and models disruptively. SCBE’s “KOL Live-streaming” will include many fashionistas for onsite live broadcast to realize generating sales on cloud and visiting the exhibition offline. 

Beauty X Fashion Jewellery & Accessories 

The keywords such as innovation, fashion, young, and sense of science & technology are increasingly becoming the consuming concerns for younger generation whose consumption is a great potential market in the beauty industry. It is no exaggeration to say that Generation Z has become the mainstream consumer group for many trendy products. At the inaugural SCBE, the “Beauty X Fashion Jewellery & Accessories” zone, which brings together fashion accessories, independent designer brands, Guochao (national trendy) beauty brands, and trendy products of both stylish lifestyle and personal touch, will diversely meet the urgent needs of the professional visitors. 

IP Licensing Convention 

More and more brands are facing the youthful anxieties such as how to communicate with the post-95s, post-00s and even the future post-10s, as well as how to create or develop new products for them. Undoubtedly, it is particularly important for cross-border business to identify the deep connotation and the spiritual value connection between IP and the brand. 

During the exhibition, an IP Licensing Convention will fully demonstrate the innovative integration of the IP licensing industry and the beauty industry. The guests from Beijing China Cultural Tourism and Creativity Co., Ltd., PPW, and Kakao Friends will analyse the monetization strategy brought by artistic IP through substantive case studies to help the brands achieving cross-border cooperation and stand out in the new market landscape. The new cross-border idea of the integration of IP licensing and beauty industry will be interpreted at the highest level at the first SCBE. 

Cross-border E-beauty 

Online channels and cross-border e-commerce have created through the internet an open, universal and convenient global trading platform for the beauty industry to achieve “buying globally and selling globally”. To help the brands directly reaching the emerging markets, SCBE has especially set up the E-beauty zone where the well-known cross-border e-commerce platforms of external trade will share their new business models in the emerging foreign markets. The concurrent Cross-border E-commerce Summit for Beauty Exports will invite related popular platforms including Wish, Shopee and others to participate. At this summit, the up-and-coming companies can gain clear and rational understanding of the current trend of cross-border e-commerce, thus, seize the opportunity to expand overseas for accomplishing national brands internationally. 

Special Events: treating the pain points of the industry and exploring the new needs of the beauty market in the post-pandemic era 

In order to intensively boost the beauty industry, SCBE has elaborately organized special onsite events during the exhibition including themed seminars and live activities, aiming to create valuable ideas through further discussion on the hot topics. 

The trend forecasting agency WGSN will help us to grasp the consumers’ needs in the first place and then the innovation opportunity by exploring the coming post-pandemic beauty tendency through the discussion on the transformation of global consumption trends, future beauty strategies, innovative retails and brand strategies. Co-hosted by Creative Capital, the discussion on “The Brand Marketing that Dominating the Future: Green and Sustainable Development” will bring different reflection to the brand development. Yang Design, the well-known industrial design company and winner of many awards such as Red Dot Design Award of Germany, iF, The DFA Design for Asia Silver Award, Forbes China’s Influential Design Award, etc., will reveal the open, independent and diversify post-00 generation by presenting the insight on cosmetic packaging design based on a series of research and design. 31Ten, which is serving many well-known enterprises, will interpret the innovative technological trend of brand marketing through the sales strategies of store-webcast, customized artificial intelligence, virtual reality and omni-channel retailing mini program. Diary Biotec (YAT), which is in the spotlight of the ingredient-centric, will analyse how to create a value-enabled private domain community. Youzan, which is specialized in the integration solution of beauty business management, will share the cases of recovery and maintenance of business growth in the post-pandemic era. Global Data will bring new observation on the changes in consumer behaviours in the sub-sectors of beauty industry in the post-pandemic era. Daily Chemicals Forefront, will also interpret the market opportunities of disinfection and sterilization products with a 360-degree view. 

In addition, there will be many more exciting live events, e.g., MGP Image Design Art School will work with SCBE to create an innovative performance of shiny makeup where well-known makeup artists, makeup masters and experts with millions of fans will deliver the new makeup trend. The Greater Bay Area Microblading Convention hosted by the Foshan Beauty and Hair Industry Association will provide a mind-opening opportunity of face-to-face exchanges of cutting-edge technology for the practitioners. 

The sudden pandemic has shocked all walks of life including the beauty industry. As the first professional beauty exhibition in the Greater Bay Area in this special moment, the resourceful SCBE is in a good cause to help the industry to get rid of the constraints and realize corner-overtaking in the post-pandemic era. 

For more information and activities, please visit the SCBE website: www.southchinabeautyexpo.com