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THE LEADING INTERNATIONAL EVENT FOR THE SECTOR CONTINUES TO GROW The figures confirm the global leadership of the Bologna Children’s Book Fair

Bologna, 07/04/2017

Bologna Children’s Book Fair, from the 3rd to 6th April at BolognaFiere, once again welcomed to its pavilions illustrators, authors, exhibitors, publishers, artists, librarians, teachers, producers and developers from all over the world, confirming its position as the leading international Fair for the sector. The extraordinary success of this year’s edition was confirmed by the statistics that, once again, demonstrate positive growth: an increase in professionals attending the event, 26,743 professionals (+2% compared with 2016), 11,752 foreign professionals (+15% on 2016), representing 44% of the overall total.


Announced on Tuesday 4th April, the new event dedicated to the commercialization and trade in publishing rights on an international level. From 30th May to June 1st 2018 BolognaFiere will be in New York with an appointment that will offer an opportunity for publishers and American agents to meet with their colleagues from all over the world alongside booksellers and librarians. Among the strategic partners with offices in the United States that will enable the creation of an event with a global reach is Publishers Weekly PW, the international platform for information relating to the publishing sector. Together with BolognaFiere and at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair is the co-sponsor of the initiative Global Kids Connect (NYC). Other partners include Combined Book Exhibit and PubMatch, the largest online platform for the trade in rights.


For the first time, the Illustrators’ Exhibition will go on display after the Fair to the general public in its original form from the 9th  April to the 7th  May in the Sala Esposizioni  of the Bologna Archaeological Musuem. This year every visitor, adult or child, will be able to serve as a member of the jury by voting for his/her favourite illustrator. At the conclusion of the exhibition 10 of these jurors will be selected at random and will receive from BCBF  an illustration signed and numbered by the illustrator Daniele Castellano, illustrator of the image of the chimera that accompanied the 2017 edition of the BCBF. The illustrator that receives the most votes will win a trip to Bologna to meet the public that selected him/her. The initiative is part of the wide programme of activities to emerge from the collaboration of the Bologna Children’s Book Fair /BolognaFiere with the Bologna Council. There was also great success for the events of BOOM! Crescere nei libri, (Grow in books), that will continue to the 9th April.


More  than  720  accredited  journalists  from  over  40  countries reported  on  the  Bologna Children’s Book Fair From South Korea to Iran, Japan to Rwanda, Ivory Coast to Chile, more than 200 foreign reporters arrived at BolognaFiere between the 3rd  and the 6th  April. An extremely high level of media coverage included live broadcasts and reports on national and international radio and television, newspapers, magazines and the international specialist press and over 100 online publications. So far more than 1000 articles have been published. Among other organizations present at the Fair was Rai Cultura, with whom Bologna Children’s Book Fair established a media partnership for the 2017 edition of the event, offering in-depth reports and interviews with the key players at the Fair. There were also two daily magazines that told the story of the Fair, curated by two of the leading professional publishers dedicated to the world of books The Bookseller (Great Britain) and Publishers Weekly (USA).

There were also important results for the online channels of the Bologna Children’s Book Fair,  recognised  by  users  on  a  global  level:  the  public  and  exhibitors  utilized  tools  and services that amplified the experience of the BCBF 2017. The digital platform acquired further strength and identity, confirming itself as a hub for the presentation, collection and diffusion of content and initiatives in the sector. Over 1 million visits to the event website, 150,000 unique users, of whom 62% were foreign (+12%), 54% via mobile devices or tablets. The service of email marketing reached over 85,000 professionals around the world, of whom 6,000 registered during the last week. 6 active social channels confirmed their role as a reference point for the international community: 30,000professionals active on Facebook, 8,500 on Twitter and 10,000 on Instagram. Finally the App BCBF 2017 registered over 2000 downloads. More than 150 underground events signposted by the exhibitors, took place.

The 55th edition of the Bologna Children’s Book Fair is due to take place in 2018 from the 26th to the 29th March with China as the Country Guest of Honour.


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