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ARTE FIERA 27th – 30th January 2017 Directed by Angela Vettese, numerous innovations for the 41st edition.

Bologna, 24/01/2017

178 exhibitors, 153 galleries: a quality exhibition project, curatorial sections, a glance at new markets


All set for January 27th - 30th 2017, the most important event for modern and contemporary art in Italy is preparing to open in the pavilions of BolognaFiere. Arte Fiera will inaugurate the 41st edition with a new artistic director, Angela Vettese. There are 178 exhibitors, including 153 galleries and 25 publishers, bookshops, institutions and art magazines. Curatorship and market are the key words for the 2017 edition with a selection of galleries that focus on quality, but there is more:  an emphasis on the coherence of the exhibition project and the new artistic realities appearing on the market; curatorial interest in the projects presented and a careful glance towards independent productions.

There will also be a new graphic style, by Andrea Lancellotti of Studio Lancellotti, that highlights what has always distinguished the fair’s approach to art: on one hand nature in its many forms and on the other hand, the human capacity to define it, and reimagine it, accepting it with a mental flexibility that includes also its more perturbing aspects.



Arte Fiera 2017 is located in pavilions 25 and 26 of the Bologna Exhibition Centre, where the galleries’ works will be displayed in a deliberate mix of modern and contemporary (with no rigid division between the two) and of collective and individual shows.

In this 41st edition, which will renew the historic partnership with the Italian Association of Galleries of Modern and Contemporary Art, there will be a MAIN SECTION (123 galleries) and a series of SOLO SHOWS (18 galleries), chosen by the artistic director and a special selection committee. The gallery owners and managers involved in the committee, which is composed equally according to the member’s interest in modern or contemporary art as well as their territorial origin, are: Laura Trisorio, Studio Trisorio, Naples; Marco Niccoli, Galleria Niccoli, Parma; Massimo Di Carlo, Galleria dello Scudo, Verona, Alessandra Bonomo, Galleria Alessandra Bonomo, Rome.  Further guaranteeing the quality of the exhibition are figures from outside the art market: curator Roberto Pinto (teacher of Contemporary Art History at the University of Bologna) and the art historian Maria Grazia Messina (teacher of Contemporary Art History at the University of Florence and President of the Technical Consultation Committee Contemporary Art and Architecture of the Urban Periphery, Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Tourism). 

Arte Fiera is also set to include a small section of new proposals curated by Simone Frangi called NUEVA VISTA.  This section, which involves 3 galleries, is dedicated to artists considered to deserve a critical reinterpretation, but not necessarily young artists, Nueva Vista has been created, in fact, to examine within the context of a commercial fair, the balancing point between discourse and saleability of emerging artistic research. The section has deliberately been limited in size, involving only three galleries, in order to recognise the efforts in uniting the passion for seeking out new works with the enthusiasm to propose them to the market.

Also presented will be a section PHOTOGRAPHY (9 galleries), curated by Angela Vettese, that will focus on technique in order to investigate what is (if such a thing exists) the boundary that separates the photographic artist from all those who own a smart device and consider themselves photographers.

Another new section, curated by Chiara Vecchiarelli, has the title SPECIAL PROJECTS and is set to bring performance to the Fair and also to MAMbo and Bologna’s museums with Time Specific Artist Lectures, which will explore the relationship between contemporary art and the history of art by proposing a temporal dialogue between works and a series of Site Specific Artist Lectures, in which the dialogue takes place between the works and the collections of the city’s scientific museums.


curated by the Masters’ Course in Photography

Arte Fiera 2017 is set to undertake an experiment that will shine a light on the independent world of photography and art in an attempt not to trace a frontier between the disciplines but rather to find a shared space between the two. The experiment intends to propose, within an established art fair, a moment dedicated to production and to discussion with experts from the sector, artists and students.

The thinking orienting the gaze towards this section of production, within the world of art, photography and publishing, is led by the idea that in recent history a large part of the debate originates from the independent and underground spaces. In order to try to transform this position into a visible product with which the public can interact, Ate Fiera, in close collaboration with the Masters’ course in Photography that developed the project, has chosen four specific themes:



Genda is an independent publishing and curatorial project, a magazine with a double editorial staff in Italy and in China and published by A+Mbookstore. It gathers the contributions from Chinese and Western artists in the search to produce and verify the existence of a reciprocal dialogue. Within this space will also be AGENDA INDEPENDENT curated by Benedetta Pomini, an exhibition that was born from the meeting between some Italian and international galleries that have been brought together by a shared sensibility and interest in photography and its recent developments.

 Visitors to Arte Fiera 2017 will also be welcomed to PRINTVILLE, the bookshop curated by A+Mbookstore and Humboldt that intends to demonstrate the latest contemporary Italian and foreign productions in the world of art and photography, productions that originate largely from independent publishers that generally work in small teams and with print runs of up to 500 copies. An innovative space that proposes rare books, reference books and also remainders from the König bookshop in Cologne, alongside the usual selection of books and art catalogues.



Authors, curators, publishers, gallery owners and collectors discuss the issues of the contemporary project, such as how collaborations, translations and languages of independent production have found space within the institutions and the market.



The Euromobil Group, main sponsor of Arte Fiera Bologna, is promoting the 11th edition of the Euromobil Prize Under 30 for artists exhibited by the galleries at the Fair. The Expert Jury Prize will be awarded on Saturday 28th January at 4pm. A second award will be chosen directly by the public (The Public’s Special Prize) to the work (and therefore the artist) that receives the highest number of votes from visitors to Arte Fiera, in addition to the votes received from those who have viewed the work on the website www.gruppoeuromobil.com.   

 In its third edition the Videoinsight® Foundation Prize will be assigned by Rebecca Russo – President of the Videoinsight Foundation. The prize will be awarded on Saturday 28th January from 5.30pm to 7pm in the Sala Melodia at the Service Centre.

 The sixth edition of the Rotary Valle del Samoggia Prize will be awarded to the installation at Arte Fiera 2017 adjudged to be the most creative. The prize ceremony is due to take place on Saturday 28th January 2017 at 6pm at the Service Centre.

 The #ContemporaryYoung Award, launched by the Young Entrepreneurs of Unindustria Bologna, is an initiative open to all artists at Arte Fiera aged under 35 who have created work on the subject Art is Work - Is Work Art? The winning work will be purchased and will be added to the collection of the Young Entrepreneurs of Unindustria Bologna.  The winner will be announced on Friday afternoon at 5.30pm in the Sala Ouverture, Block D of the Service Centre.


ART CITY Bologna

Alongside the exhibitions at Arte Fiera 2017, from Friday 27th to Sunday 29th January, the city will take centre stage for the fifth edition of ART CITY Bologna, the programme of exhibitions, events and cultural initiatives born from the collaboration between the Bologna Council and BolognaFiere to offer new opportunities to discover and learn about of the artistic heritage through contamination with the contemporary.

 In 2017 ART CITY Bologna will enhance its formula with a new section of ART CITYentitled Polis, coordinated by the Bologna Museums Institution, supported and promoted by Arte Fiera with the aim of promoting exhibitions and interventions by contemporary artists specifically conceived as part of a dialogue with the particular characteristics of the exhibition spaces and historic locations in which they are located. There will be exhibitions and events that deal with the themes of cohabitation, the new identity of Italian cities and the necessity to conceive a new civic sensibility also through art.

 The initiatives of ART CITY Polis will be held at Arte Fiera and in the city, thus activating an even closer dialogue between the event and the city. Among the planned initiatives are the Genda Photographic Exhibition in collaboration with the Masters’ course in Photography at the IUAV University of Venice; at the Civic Archaeological Museum – Bologna Museums Institution, the film exhibition that revisits the national identity, Viva l’Italia curated by Mark Nash; in the city’s science museums, while both at the Fair and at the MAMbo museum is the programme of Special Projects: Time Specific Artist Lectures, Site Specific Artist Lecturescurated by Chiara Vecchiarelli; the exhibition of video documentaries Corpo Sensibile(Sensitive Body) by  young Italian artists curated by Marco Bertozzi.

 Numerous further initiatives will be proposed by the museums and by private individuals such as the events at the Opificio Golinelli and at MAST.

 As is the case each year for ART CITY Bologna the creative energy of the institutions, public organizations and cultural operators will be coordinated by an integrated network that will bring the high quality cultural programme to life. Priority will be given to the accessibility of the venues of ART CITY Bologna through a local public transport line, the ART CITY Bus, the pocket guide ART CITY Map with useful information about the scheduled events and an extension of regular opening hours. In order to encourage the appreciation of the language of art by a diverse public, instruments for mediation such as informative material, welcoming services, educational materials curated by guides and educators and activities of edutainment for children with the programme ART CITY Bologna, will be provided.

 Saturday 28th January sees the return of Art City White Night, the all-night art event with hundreds of initiatives and thousands of visitors to the city for a night dedicated to art for an event unique in Italy.

 The complete programme of events is available on the websites www.bolognagendacultura.it and www.artefiera.it.


curated by Mark Nash

A cinematographic exhibition at the Civic Archaeological Museum – Bologna Museums Institutions: a series of feature-length screenings that, in one way or another refer to ‘Italy’ as a sort of meaning within a psycho-geographical frame.

The films selected present and critique the particular legends in which Italy is manifested, not the Italy of Viva L’Italia by Roberto Rossellini (1961), but the Italy at the end of the 60s and the beginning of the 70s of Bertolucci, Pasolini and others, when the events in Paris in 1968 were still resonating.  These films deal with political, social and personal conflicts with a brand new approach.


Curated by Chiara Vechiarelli

The programme Time Specific Artist Lectures, Site Specific Artist Lectures brings the experience of the ‘artist lecture’ to Bologna, presenting a series of performances articulated into Time Specific Artist Lectures that play on the relationship between the contemporary and history of art and Site Specific Artist Lectures that enter into a dialogue with the collections, the locations and the equipment for the organization of knowledge in the city’s science museums in order to seek, and then later concretise, the undecidable point between discourse and image.


curated Marco Bertozzi

An exhibition of young Italian artists: a focus on forms on the frontier between video art and documentary cinema. Corpo Sensibile aims also to recompose a shared generational field. The selected artists, coming from mixed backgrounds of training and formation in Italy, are aged in their thirties and are all experiencing an international dimension marked by residencies and collaborations and are capable of combining poetry and languages of contemporary art, participating in film festivals, exhibitions in museums or galleries and in in the more traditional distribution channels for visual art.



RAI renews its Media Partnership with Arte Fiera, a collaboration that has been reinforced by the success enjoyed since its launch in 2015 and experienced again last year. Rai News 24, TGR, Radio 1 and Radio 3 will provide coverage of the event with live broadcast and in-depth reports.


THE Arte Fiera Collectors’ Lounge WITH Artprice.com

In its third consecutive year Arte Fiera 2017 is set to renew its media partnership with Artprice.com which manages the ‘Collectors’ Lounge’, a space created to provide solid and immediate answers to the complex and increasingly specific questions from many international collectors attending Arte Fiera. Through workstations with access to the Artprice.com data bank, collectors will be able to check against examples from the international art market, a market experiencing constant growth. Thanks to the support made available by Artprice.com, collectors will have free access to data and information, quotes from artists attending the fair, values and price fluctuations of specific works and decision-making support tools in the form of graphs and market analysis of the artists. The Personal Curators present will create personalized tours of the event selected based on the preferences of the visitor.



Main sponsor of the 2017 edition of Arte Fiera is the Gruppo Euromobil with its associates Zalf Euromobil and Désirée.

The partner for the Collectors’ Programme is Intesa Sanpaolo Private Banking.

The official car is CitroënAutopiù

Leucos is the technical partner for the bookshop Printville.




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