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SAIE reopens the platform for building and construction at BolognaFiere. Six spaces dedicated to smart building, the territory, underground works, water services, safety at work and windows and doors

Bologna, 19/10/2016

The 52nd edition of SAIE, the international event for the construction industry, is further enhanced by a series of events and initiatives that supply a complete picture of all of the production chain for construction and explain the perspectives of a market in constant evolution that is increasingly oriented towards the maximum efficiency in order to respond to the requirements of sustainability and respect for the principles of the circular economy.

Innovation is the guiding theme that links the six satellites of SAIE 2016, where four events will be taking place simultaneously: Accadueo (H2O), Expotunnel, Ambiente Lavoro (Working Environment) and SAIE3, while there are two more initiatives being held within SAIE - All Digital Smart Building and Smart City Conference.

New technology will be explained in diverse spheres and facilitating interaction between systems, for example with the internal home systems and telecommunications as part of the Smart Building Project. BolognaFiere will again be opening the Smart City Exhibition, this year on the 20th and 21st October it will be holding the Smart City Conference with a series of events dedicated to the smart city concept and to the digitalization of the territory. For the sector of underground works and large projects there is the third edition of ExpoTunnel, while focusing on water services is the event Accadueo (H2O). There will also be a spotlight on safety at work with Ambiente Lavoro (Working Environment) and on indoor and external windows and doors in the spaces of SAIE3.

All Digital Smart Building is the result of the alliance, established in 2014 between SIAE and All Digital, a reference point for the world of professional installations for over twenty years. The building online, technology and its application, digital services for the new dimension of living. These are themes at the heart of the initiative, a meeting point for the world of home systems and those of telecommunications, two of the most important sectors of the Italian economy capable of generating new business opportunities. Planned to coincide with SAIE is the annual event of SIEC – Systems Integration Experience Community that brings together the companies and operators in

the audio-video market and that of the integration of systems.

Smart City Conference is the combination of events dedicated to the smart city concept and the digitalization of the territory. In this context is planned the ICity Lab: an initiative of the FPA aimed at politicians, administrators, business people and citizens to provide useful instruments for the innovative and sustainable development of the territories. Two days of work, meetings and workshops on the theme of security, big data and analytics, the internet of things, mobility, energy, the environment and digital citizenship. At the inaugural meeting of the 20 October entitled Conoscere, collaborare e realizzare nelle città dei dati [Learn, collaborate and create in the cities of data](10.00am) will be presented the results of ICity Rate, the report that assembles a classification of Italian Smart Cities and creates a picture of the current state of the pathway towards the intelligent city idea that is closer to the needs of the citizens, more inclusive and more liveable.

What is the future of water? Accadueo (H2O) is the international exhibition for water organized by BolognaFiere and in its 13th edition. The focus of this year is on new technology applied to water services, with over 140 innovations, summarized in the Guide to the Innovations, ranging from certified readings via smartphone to sensors for the identification of leakages to the control valves that generate energy through the energy dissipation of water pipes. Accadueo is the reference fair in Italy and will welcome to Bologna some of the leading national and international players from the sector.

Expotunnel is the professional event for technologies for underground work and large projects. Already in its third edition the event is dedicated to the world of tunnelling, drilling, mineral extraction, underground constructions and scientific research. The programme of the opening day will include a convention organized in collaboration with the Order of Geologists of Emilia Romagna on the theme of geothermal projects, entitled: Large Geothermal Plants. Storing Heat and District heating, which will be held on the 19th October in the Sala Verde in pavilion 22 (10.00am). Another appointment of particular relevance is the convention dedicated to ‘the Gottardo project: a ring for Europe’ promoted by the CERTeT of the Bocconi University and the Swiss embassy in Italy (20th October, 10.30am)

Ambiente Lavoro (Working Environment) is the only Italian fair initiative dedicated to health and safety in the workplace, office and construction site. This year’s edition focuses on four themes – Safe Site, Safe Environment, Safe Roads and No Fire. These subjects will be discussed in talks and seminars with professionals from the sector. Providing an overview of what has been achieved so far in order to delineate what remains to be done, analysing data relating to causes of death and professional risks, accident prevention: these are the themes that will be discussed at this event that boasts over 150 exhibitors and proposes 600 hours of training.

SAIE 3 is the international event for the production chain for internal and external doors and windows, a meeting place for professionals involved in the world of construction, planning and renovation, where it will be possible to find not only information and new contacts but also the latest innovations and developments in the field of commercial and residential building.