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All set for the 52nd edition of SAIE, the international event for the construction industry

Bologna, 19/10/2016

Wednesday 19th October the doors open for the 52nd edition of SAIE, the international event for the building industry, promoted by BolognaFiere with the support of the Ministry for the Environment, the Protection of the Territory and the Sea, which for four days will enjoy the presentation of the main innovations from exhibiting companies while underlining its role as a reference point for the market, an opportunity for information and training for companies, businesses and professionals, clients, staff and students.

“For the sector of construction a new season is beginning,” explains Franco Boni, President of BolognaFiere,” in which the production chain will return to centre state of economic dynamics and in which innovative processes will play a key role. This is a period of great potential, a unique opportunity that the country system cannot afford to pass by. It is important now that we are experiencing a turnaround to the severe crisis that has blighted the construction industry in recent years, to look to the future and to encourage the sector in the process of innovation that characterizes it. Our objective in the organization of SAIE 2016 is to focus on the most innovative solutions that represent the key to the future of the sector and for the economy of our country. We have done this by working in close collaboration with the main associations and leading professionals from the sector, whom we would like to thank for their important contribution.”

“SAIE represents a fundamental event for the construction industry. A unique opportunity for discussion and dialogue between all of the operators in the production chain in order to identify solutions and strategies capable of kick-starting the construction industry after years of crisis,” explains the Vice President of ANCE, Gabriele Buia. “The earthquake in central Italy will be the test-bed for the world of construction, called upon to reconstruct those devastated towns and to provide those territories with life and hope once more.” “The operators from the industry, attending SAIE today, must be capable of innovating and incorporating the use of modern digital technology. Urban requalification and building substitution are the challenges that the construction system must face, building quality safe products to regenerate our cities and make them more liveable, in line with the requirements of today’s citizens.”

Plan, Build Live are the three conceptual pathways that describe the three spheres of reference of the 13 top initiatives housed in 10 pavilions of the Bologna Exhibition Centre, within which can be found hundreds of stands, dozens of conventions and numerous B2B meetings reserved for professionals. Around 170 new products identified from the exhibits thanks to the project SAIE Innovation and over 100 international delegations from Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and America.

INAUGURAL CONVENTION The Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Graziano

Delrio, has been invited to cut the ribbon of SAIE 2016 and to open the Fair with an inaugural meeting dedicated to “Casa Italia, the first step towards a production chain for construction 4.0”. Fifty days after the earthquake that struck central Italy, shortly after the approval of the decree for reconstruction, SAIE and ANCE are promoting this convention (19

th October, Service Centre, Sala Concerto, 11am), which after the welcome from Franco Boni, President of BolognaFiere, will include a talk by Lorenzo Bellicini, Director of Cresme about the scenario of the construction market, plus speeches by Gabriele Buia, Vice President of ANCE, Federica Brancaccio, President of Federcostruzioni, Armando Zambrano, President of the National Council of Engineers and Giuseppe Cappocchin, President of the National Council of Architects, Planners, Landscapers and Conservationists, Giorgio Lupoi, vice Presidente Oice, chaired by Massimo Degli Esposti.


The event dedicated to building is at the centre of a wide platform for the construction industry that also includes five collateral events for an exhibition event aimed at the entire production chain: a platform focusing on the latest themes in a sector in rapid evolution and developed in close collaboration with the main associations from the sector: Accadueo (H2O), the reference event in Italy for the sector of water services; Ambiente Lavoro (Working Environment), the only fair event in Italy dedicated to health and safety in the workplace; Expotunnel, the professional event for underground technology and infrastructure projects; Smart City Conference, a combination of events dedicated to the smart city concept and the digitalization of the territory and SAIE 3, the international event for the production chain of internal and external doors and windows.


Plan, Build, Live. These are the three pathways that lead off from the Service Centre, the nerve centre of the fair that will house the most important innovations presented by the exhibitors, designed to bring together the content for the professional visitors, facilitating the interpretation of and access to the specific areas of interest.

Plan is the pathway located in pavilions 32 and 33 dedicated to the auxiliary instruments for planners with a focus on the technical software for specialists, from energy assessment to structural and seismic calculations to geological mapping. It is the location, in addition to All Digital Smart Building, that puts the focus on updating the technology in national construction and integrating the worlds of construction, electrical and plumbing systems and telecommunications. Build is the themed area that develops in pavilions 25 and 48 and that will provide an overview of materials and equipment for the productive and construction process: a pathway of technology for new construction and infrastructure, covering themes like sustainability, site safety, prefabrication, there is also space for technology for continuous flooring, seismic protection and structural consolidation, to innovative tools for surveying, measuring and remote sensing of buildings and the territory, with an extensive display of drones. LIVE is the themed area dedicated to new sustainable and green technology for building requalification and energy refitting. This pathway is spread over pavilions 26 and 31 and includes companies involved in wooden construction systems, insulation systems, water and electricity systems and building coverings, both traditional and high efficiency solutions aimed at achieving the European objectives for Nearly Zero Energy Building (NZEB). It is also the area that deals with the theme of the condominium, involving diverse sectors

of building from plant systems, energy supply to security, from accounting to banking and insurance.

THE INITIATIVES AT SAIE 2016 includes themed areas of technical information and analysis of the key themes of the sector. Thanks to the collaboration of companies, associations and institutions SAIE underlines its position as a meeting place and opportunity for dialogues to kick-start the construction market also abroad. The areas dedicated to diverse initiatives offer opportunities for in-depth analysis and information about the very latest materials, tools, services and procedures with a particular focus on BIM, seismic protection and sustainability.


The initiative, promoted by SAIE in collaboration with the IUAV University of Venice and Ongreening, has assembled a selection of innovations, divided into categories that cover the entire ambit of construction, underlines the ongoing commitment of companies to improve their range of products and services for the construction industry. Among the products included are also those that, in addition to representing a clear innovation in their field, offer characteristics of low environmental impact and energy efficiency, in line with the very latest requirements in construction. The 27 solutions selected have been chosen from 170 entries submitted by the exhibiting companies (prior to the deadline of the 26th September) and are on display in the Service Centre of the Fair. Furthermore, the products will be protagonists for 12 months on the portal of Ongreening: an opportunity for visibility for the best of Italian technology and know how, an engine for development and growth in the construction sector.


SAIE 2016 has a strong focus on developing the international perspective; within the space of SAIE International are planned a number of B2B meetings and specialist seminars for exhibitors and visitors with the aim of facilitating contacts between Italian companies and professionals with representatives from emerging markets. The initiative is organized by SAIE in collaboration with ICE (the Agency for the promotion of Italian businesses abroad), UnionCamere Emilia-Romagna and will include the participation of delegations from Afghanistan, Algeria, Croatia, India, Iran, Morocco, Tunisia and countries from the Persian Gulf. The country guest of honour this year is Iran, attending SAIE 2016 will also be the young architect Leila Araghian of Diba Tensile Architecture, who won the Aga Khan Award for Architecture 2016 with the project Tabiat Bridge of Tehran, a pedestrian bridge opened in 2014 that has gone on to become a symbol of the city of Tehran. For the presentation of the project there will be a special congress held on the 21st October entitled “Innovation, Sustainability and the Landscape: the architectural choices of two young Iranian planners.”


On the 18th October, within the sphere of the initiatives of SAIE 2016, will be presented the XXIV Joint Report and Forecast Cresme: a focus on the construction market in the coming five years, comparing 150 countries, with a detailed forecast for Italy, an analysis of building production, the scenarios for a new industrial policy for construction that should include investing in seismic requalification, protection against hydrogeological collapse, energy technology, urban regeneration and new architecture.