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SAIE 2016 the event continues to grow

Bologna, 22/10/2016

Construction’s leadings players and companies welcome the biennale programme.

The 53rd edition is set to take place in 2018

Double figure growth (+10%) for the 52nd edition of SAIE, the international event for the construction industry, which concludes today in Bologna with an invitation to companies and visitors to return in October 2018. The figures from SAIE 2016 recorded: over 1,000 exhibitors, over 70,000 visits, more than 250 events, 170 new products presented by the companies, 114 delegations of foreign buyers from four continents that participated in around 300 B2B meetings. More than 2,000 professionals took part in the training events organized directly by SAIE, in addition to the thousands of professionals that took part in the initiatives promoted in the areas, Acca, Logical Sacert and All Digital Smart Building and in the Federbeton space “The Ideas Factory”.

 “The conclusion of SAIE 2016 offered some extremely positive signs: an increase in the numbers of companies and operators,” explained Antonio Bruzzone, Director General of BolognaFiere, “and fundamentally, an important contribution from the sector’s protagonists, who came together to discuss the recovery of the sector and the strategies to adopt in order to ensure that the positive signs in the market go on to become a driving force for a new season for construction. The announcement of the two yearly programme of the event,” continued Bruzzone, “was welcomed with great enthusiasm by the exhibitors who, for some years, have highlighted the necessity to align with the other leading fairs in the construction sector. SAIE will have an exhibition concept articulated into pathways that lead the visitor through current and future markets in the world of construction, the event will be a place for debate and growth towards a new industry and new professions, SAIE playing a lead role in a new culture of industrialization, between digital and circular.”

Seismic security and the territory, innovation with direct effects on new technology and solutions. These are the themes that characterized the 2016 edition of SAIE with a spotlight on digitalization and the regulations, with a focus on the themes of sustainability and the environment. The four days of SAIE opened with a presentation of the Cresme Joint Report and Forecasts. On the theme of seismic engineering alongside the voices from the world of academia and the companies’ solutions came the Bologna Kit Miyamoto bringing its experience following its specialized studies into seismic engineering. 

The success of the edition that has just concluded and the announcement of the two yearly programme for SAIE received a positive response from the main associations from the world of construction gaining also the immediate approval of exhibitors and companies. “SAIE is an event that has always enlivened the internal debate within the production chain of construction,” explained Gabriele Buia, Vice President of ANCE. “It is an opportunity for the country to bring together many from diverse fields that all play a role in the complex process of construction, promoting the opportunities for development and discussion about themes that direct research. Furthermore, SAIE 2016 stood out not only as an event linked to products but also as the location for research and discussions about the future. The news of the biennale programme for SAIE beginning from 2018 is a mature decision that is in line with the market, which in order to recover from the economic crisis, must reposition itself. It is a considered decision that represents a synergic policy and vision for the Italian fair sector. Moreover, the biennale programme responds to the companies that need time in order to promote important innovative projects.”

 “The idea to reschedule SAIE to a biennale format is the first tangible sign from BolognaFiere that it is reconsidering the future of the event for the sector. It will be useful to plan the intermediary stops,” explains Federica Brancaccio, president of Federconstruzioni, “moments in the run up to autumn 2018, which will remain fundamental as an opportunity for discussion and debate on technical and other forward-looking themes. The fair of the future is not just a showcase but it must also become a decisive moment in a pathway that includes, for example, visits to construction sites and factories, of projects between companies in the production chain and joint initiatives with interdisciplinary protocols.”

 “A very positive decision,” commented Luca Ferrari, President ISI, “because the companies need a reasonable time to be able to present their experiences in research and innovation.”

 “A choice that responds to the progress of the construction market. The exhibition world,” explained Sergio Crippa, President of Federbeton, “ must acknowledge the necessity to have a presence and qualitative offer that is extremely high and representative of the entire production chain.”

 “I believe that the biennale programme is good for the sector in terms of investments in communications and it can be good for SAIE in terms of quality and the presence of companies at the fair”. “It is an objectively good choice linked to the current times, the  number of fairs,” commented Vanni Bottaro of Wolf System, “have multiplied and taking part in them is an opportunity but also an investment.”

 “It’s positive news,” highlighted Giovanni Buonanno of Bunker, “which enables us to better prepare our innovations and to attend the fair in a more effective way.”

 “It is a decision that I agree with,” explained Ernesto Erali of Mapei, “with the Internet the innovations reach the end user quite quickly, every two years therefore SAIE will bring better results, creating at the same time greater expectations.”

 “It is an good decision and one that we are very happy about,” stated Dario Mantovanelli of Wienerberger, “it helps to maintain the level of interest in  innovation that is also difficult to guarantee on an annual basis, the two year format will help us and enables those who visit the fair to find an event that lives up to their expectations.”

 “This development will provide more time and better enable us and all of the companies to study our preparations and our own products,” confirmed Andrea Bagni of Kerakoll and Vincenzo Stella of Tecno K Giunti, underlining that for “for years exhibitors had been requesting a biennale frequency in line with the European fairs because it is not possible to come up with innovations every year.”

 “ A great decision that comes just at the right moment and one that we exhibitors had been requesting for some time,” explained Simonetta Verdi of S.T.A. Data. “The web has eliminated the distance between people but the necessity remains sometimes to meet and a biennale frequency is perfect. SAIE, for the world of construction, is a historic fair, the place that you need to be.”