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The first and oldest international art fair in Italy celebrated its 40 years with a total of 58,000 visitors (+10% on 2015)


The 40th edition included 222 exhibitors (190 galleries, 16% from outside Italy) more than 2000 works by over 1000 artists.

Outstanding pavilions presentation, strong visitors attendance and exceptional foreign collectors presence confirm Arte Fiera’s position as the premier fair in italy for contemporary and modern works.

With Art City and Art White Night Bologna and their 200 events under the patronage of the Bologna Council, Bologna’s art week confirmed its credentials as the capital of modern and contemporary art in Europe during the period of Arte Fiera.

The 2016 edition of Arte Fiera celebrated its 40th anniversary by promoting two special activities: the Italian première of Mathew Barney's operatic film project River of Fundament and the opening of a two venues homage exhibition ARTE FIERA 40, a colossal tribute focused on both leading artists of the last 40 years, and new emergent under 40 year old talents (hosted between the Bologna’s MAMBO - Museum of Modern Art - and Pinacoteca – National Gallery) .

The ARTE FIERA 40 homage exhibition, which will run until March 28th 2016, has been curated by Giorgio Verzotti and Claudo Spadoni, fair directors, in collaboration with a jury made-up of curators and directors of leading art institutions and museums, including Francesco Bonami (curator and president of the selection committee), Luca Lo Pinto (curator of Kunsthalle in Vienna), Laura Carlini Fanfogna (director of the Institution of Bologna Museums), Giacinto Di Pietrantonio (director of GAMEC in Bergamo), Hou Hanru (director of MAXXI in Roma), Andrea Bellini (Director of the Centre for Contemporary Art in Geneva), Alberto Salvadori (director of the Marino Marini Museum), which selected the best works by artists under 40 along the fair, whose works had been brought to the Pinacoteca and displayed alongside those of the key figures of the past 40 years.


This year more than ever Arte Fiera has underlined its role as a meeting place for those currents and movements that have underwritten the international success of Italian Sales in recent years. The numbers highlight how Arte Fiera offered visitors an ideal pathway between the artistic currents and movements that have written the history of international art: from Futurism to Metaphysics, passing through Kinetic Art, Pittura Analitica, Conceptual Art and finally Arte Povera and Transavantguardia.

The Main section enabled the public to admire not only the works of the Italian great masters such as Giacomo Balla, Giorgio de Chirico and Giorgio Morandi, but also works by artists that have dominated the international art market, such as Lucio Fontana, Alberto Burri, Emilio Vedova, Enrico Castellani, Piero Manzoni, Enrico Castellani, Turi Simeti, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Alighiero Boetti and Mario Schifano plus numerous international icons such as Pablo Picasso, Fernando Botero, Yves Klein, Joseph Kosuth, Joan Mirò and Hans Hartung, in addition to the protagonists of the current scene like Gina Pane, Daniel Buren, Manolo Valdés, Rebecca Horne, Ai Weiwei, Nick Cave and Jaume Plensa.

The attendance at the fair of a growing number of Italian and foreign collectors underlined the quality of the works in the main section in line with the financial data from the art market. In order to ensure the quality of the transactions and to meet the requirements of the most selective collectors as well as those new to collecting, this year Arte Fiera involved Artprice to provide consulting services and access to its data bank concerning the art market.


The new exhibition layout, which included the addition of Pavilion 32, enjoyed exceedingly positive feedback from the Galleries involved in the new launch of a Photography section. Fabio Castelli of MIA Photo Fair, who curated the selection of the photographic galleries, said, “In spite of some perplexities about the decision to dedicate a new pavilion to photography, the decision proved to be a success because the cluster of photography galleries was much more attractive to visitors as it allowed the visitors to experience a part of the exhibition dedicated solely to photography


The section Solo Show offered monographic overviews by narrating the symbiosis between gallery owners and artists that has been so fundamental to success throughout the history of art. In this itinerary among outstanding booths the variety took over through installation, drawing, painting and photography and mixed media.


In addition to the particular industry attention to the section, plus participation of younger visitors, the Under 40 Prize was awarded to three young artists who exhibited in the new Pavilion 32 within the New Proposal area and their work was a testament to the quality of the curatorial research in there: Valerio Rocco Orlanco, Guglielmo Castelli, Valentina Miorandi.

Alongside private collectors from Europe, America and Asia, representatives of private and public collections attended the show, including the Venice Guggenheim; the Pinacoteca Agnelli (Torino); Club Italia (Milan); Museo Maxxi, (Rome); Fondazione Sandretto Re Rabaudengo (Turin), Museo Maxxi, (Rome); Fondazione Ratti, (Milan); the Rembrandt Foundation (Den Haag, Netherlands); Mathaf Museum (Doha Qatar); Deloitte Collection, (Milan); Carige Private Bank; Bank Intesa San Paolo; Unicredit Wealth Management; the Consulate for Business and Culture of the German Embassy; the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, among many others.


10th Edition Euromobil Group under 30 PRIZE
Adam and Eve (2016, tragopogon and manual intervention, 129,5x69,5x19 cm) by L’orMa is the winner of the 10th Euromobil prize edition. The artwork, acquired by the group collection, explores the harmony between virtual and concrete through the pro-generating couple, highly reproductive in a mutual nourishment cycle.

5th Edition Rotary Valle del Samoggia PRIZE
The prize for the most creative installation was awarded to La bugia (2016. Lapis, white lead, sanguine, ink, charcoal and watercolors on French paper) by Fabrizio Cotognini (Ida Pisani Prometeo Gallery, Milan). Rewarded for coherence of staging - with the body as a key object and subject – for the interest in formal excursus along many different media, La bugia updates the theme of art as alquemy in its transformative dimention.

2ND Edition Foundation Videoinsight® PRIZE
In search of video works transmitting psycho-physical wellbeing engaging the mind and emotions, both on a conscious and unconscious level, this year the Videoinsight Foundation awarded the namesake prize to Filip Dvorak for the work CDF21122012 (2012/2013, Full HD video 1’57) presneted by the Galleria Boccanera (Trento). Dvorak’s video deals with the power of life, nature and art to renovate, regenerate and transform. A tale of pure, urgent and universal needs