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The Importance of Biodiversity Park, the Expo Milano 2015 Area Dedicated to the Protection of Biodiversity (from www.expo2015.org)


Biodiversity dettaglio


The area dedicated to the Biodiversity Park, situated in the eastern part of the Expo Site offers a fascinating and rewarding experience, conceived to transmit to visitors a sense of love and respect for the Earth and all that flowers from it. Created through the collaboration between BolognaFiere, Expo 2015 S.p.A., the Italian Ministry of the Environment and FederBio, the Park extends over an area of more than 8,000 square meters and in its first 27 days of operation has been visited by over 1,000 visitors, of which 80 percent were in school parties.

  • The perfume of aromatic plants reminds us of the value of biodiversity
    The area includes a large theater space named “Theater at the center of the Earth”, created to play host to encounters and conferences, plus one Pavilion dedicated to organic products and another to the theme of biodiversity, as well as a flourishing garden packed with a huge variety of plant life. This is organized to represent a journey that winds the length and breadth of the Italian peninsula paying homage to the biodiversity it is home to. Among others, it contains myrtle, olive, cannabis sativa, rosemary, mint, lemon, corn, artichokes, echinacea, rhubarb, petunia, sage and fennel. And in one corner, a small patch of soil delimited by little stones bears the moving inscription “Sown by Vandana Shiva, May 16, 2015”, in memory of the recent visit by the Indian activist to the Expo site on the day of the inauguration of the Biodiversity Park.

    Stories of Biodiversity. The exhibition tells us who we are
    Inside the Pavilion housing this exhibition, conceived and mounted by the Expo Milano 2015 Scientific Committee, visitors can explore the story of humanity in relation to the evolution of agriculture. The objective of the visit – which also includes various precious display cases containing rare seeds from the Botanical Garden in Padua - is to illustrate the changing relationship between food and mankind, including the so-called Green Revolution which radically increased the industrialization of agriculture, contributing to the reduction of vegetal and animal biodiversity. Particular attention is paid to the protection of the natural landscape, a priceless national resource, including a stand manned by the State Forestry Corps, plus an interesting ongoing initiative: every week a different Italian regional or national park, or protected marine area, is chosen to be the focus for the week, and is presented and illustrated to that week’s visitors.

    The Organic Pavilion: shopping for excellence
    The Organic Pavilion has a stronger commercial side to it, but its basic scope is to propose to visitors possible production systems which are ecological, secure and sustainable, ready and willing to confront the challenge of Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life. The area is divided into six thematic areas: seeds, cereals, beans and derivatives, fruit, vegetables and processed vegetables, oil and wine, livestock products, herbal remedies, food supplements, wellbeing, services, technology, training and certification. Each area tells the story of its peak quality products and the stories of the farmers whose everyday work helps to safeguard natural ecosystems and biodiversity.