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Cosmoprof North America 2014 (from www.findallpills.com)


CosmoProf North America is a three-set time exhibition for beauty industry professionals. The craft to business trade show is held year by year and is focused on distributors, manufacturers, and buyers of cosmetics, pelt care products, toiletries, fragrances, spa skilful treatment software, as well as hair care and styling products. This week I command be analyzing their integrated marketing communications (IMC) efforts in c~tinuance their social media channels before, for the time of, and after the conference in Las Vegas July 13-15, 2014.

Please billet: this post is strictly for of the college purposes. I am not a spokesperson of CosmoProf North America or some of the companies represented at the occupation show. Feel free to get greater quantity information on CosmoProf here and here.

As you can see from the screenshot under, CosmoProf uses social media buttons as being Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram to the degree that designators to the platforms in that businesses and consumers may engage by CosmoProf before, during and after the talk. Although they have a presence steady these platforms, their website is at which place they devote their time to exactly promote the event. With one appear and disappear, one can see a countdown to the event, awards they’ve received for most innovative trade show, a YouTube clip of highlights from 2013 and with child click-through access to visitor registry.

CosmoProf North America Website Homepage

Their website is obviously their large basket hub of information. At the valley of the page, the option to subscribe to a newsletter is profitable. I did not personally subscribe, thus I could not attest to its role in the be joined but it’s possible that the newsletter’s purpose was to go by carriage traffic back to their website especially than to any particular social route for guests to gather information prior to, during, and after the event.

To exist honest, I expected to see other thing posts building anticipation for the manual occupation show, but there was only some mention of the event on Facebook judgment opening on July 13th. However, once the event had started, both Facebook and Twitter were predominantly used to highlight indeterminate booths and speaking engagements throughout the three age period.

Facebook posts frequently included photos of fresh products. Twitter didn’t include exceedingly many photos, but did retweet a very active user named Hannah Perlman (@DalaiHannah), who strategically used #trendscout and #cosmoprof2014 in her posts. As expected, Twitter gained the greatest in quantity response from visitors as they commented in positive-time on their participation and experience. They mentioned brands and products through which they interacted and liked.

Instagram was likewise very popular although it was for the most part used for consumer-generated content. There are individual web viewers that contain photos from the circumstance–Websta and Iconosquare, to name a few–but any archived content had to be tagged with #cosmoprof in order to exist viewed.

#cosmoprof Instagram submissions found put ~ Iconosquare

It should be noted that in that place was not a unique official hashtag according to the event, and the hashtags that were used were contrary. With hundreds of visitors using private or other interest group-specific hashtags, this may crave any measurable data for future way and that which is reported back to sponsors.

For the greatest number part, branding is consistent among channels. I was adroit to recognize very quickly whether I had landed on the verified account handles simply by seeing the model in a luminous blue, windblown dress as pictured from their homepage. What stood out to me was their use of 10times, a utility provider for business events. There are tabs to what visitors could add themselves as “Attending” the talk, get information regarding hotels in Las Vegas, or retirement a review. Visitors could see what one. exhibitors and plan ahead. I hadn’t previously been aware of this content common or how they were changing the device in which we discover and actual presentation events such as CosmoProf’s mechanical employment show.

Overall, CosmoProf is making one effort socially, but could improve their IMC by using all channels to build anticipation for the meeting for consultation, asking followers questions about the result or which brands/products they tried, consistently using hashtags and using them over platforms, and encouraging visitors and exhibitors to employment said hashtags. There is a chance of potential here, and I discern a little planning on their behoof could make a huge difference.

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