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Cosmoprof Asia in Hong Kong: Simply huge! (from www.premiumbeautynews.com)

The first word that comes to mind to describe this new edition of Cosmoprof Asia in Hong Kong is.... Huge! With 2,362 exhibitors (+9% compared to the 2013 edition), from 42 countries, on 81,500 square meters of space, Cosmoprof Asia again demonstrated its key position in the schedule of international beauty events . And as a visitor you had to play your card well to manage to make the most of such a large-scale event, and as an exhibitor, prepare your presence the best way possible to be as visible as possible.

This show is a phenomenon of its own..., which once again, this year, has demonstrated the overwhelming rise of the Asian subcontracting industry in all areas, whether in the packaging, formulation or full service sector. Probably never before have so many plastic processing and filling specialists been seen together before across all sectors, not to mention the plethora of electronic manufacturers, who are fully investing the sector of connected beauty, and never before foreign pavilions have brought together so many exhibitors from around the globe. During the first two days of the show the aisles were packed with visitors and finding one’s way right from the entrance hall at 9:30 a.m., most of the time was nothing short of a miracle. Stands were everywhere. You could see that organizers had struggled to meet demand. To keep up with the flow of visitors, many temporary lanes had been hastily set up with barriers.

Organizers had also opened a new hall called “Spot On Beauty” with some 150 new exhibitors spread over 3700 sqm.

The Make-up sector, the acceleration!

First observation, the impressive surge in the number of suppliers in the make-up industry with an obviously steadily growing number of packaging converters trying to outdo one another in ingenuity with airtight compacts, mascara, lip gloss or lipstick applicators. Not to mention make-up accessory suppliers of all kinds. And competition promises to be tough! Second observation, the number of full service companies that have mushroomed everywhere and offer the full array of services expected by hundreds of new brands that have emerged on Southeast Asian markets in recent months. The same phenomenon can be seen in the skincare market with an ever increasing number of new players.

A much coveted Southeast Asian market, to say the least! Wandering in the halls dedicated to foreign pavilions, was enough to be convinced. The centre of gravity of the growth of the global beauty industry has truly moved to Southeast Asia and probably for a long time. Industry players in the United States and Europe will have to be particularly inventive, flexible and dynamic, to withstand such a surge. Fortunately, the Asian regional market is active enough to monopolize this huge industrial power, but for how long? Especially as there is still a lot of room for improvement in terms of quality and productivity for local companies. For many European and American companies, this is no time to rest on one’s laurels. The Asian wave is already at the corner!

For its next edition of Cosmoprof Asia will celebrate its 20th anniversary and open its doors on 11th-13th November 2015.

Jean-Yves Bourgeois