SAIE 2018

Exhibition of new building industrialisation and land use

Bologna, Exhibition Centre
17/10/2018 20/10/2018

Merchandise Sectors


Building renovation and energy upgrading, building maintenance and administration, facility management, digital building, smart home

Finishes and internal partitions
Internal finishes - Internal partitions - Interior flooring - Interior doors
Fireplaces and stoves - Staircases - Insulation
Waterproofing and building chemicals
Waterproofing - Chemicals for building - Adhesives, protective coatings
Insulation and exterior finishing systems
Insulation - Exterior finishing systems - Exterior pavings
External envelope
Façade systems - External doors and windows - Sun shading systems - Roofing systems and materials - Automatic and security doors and gates
Building maintenance and administration, Facility Management 
Automations, access control systems - Anti-intrusion systems - Property management systems and technologies - Facility Management systems
Digital building & Smart Home
Building plant - Services and systems for telecommunications - Remote control systems for buildings - IoT 
Resilience and sustainability – Eco-friendly, natural and green building systems
Natural products - Systems made of wood and eco-friendly products- Mechanical controlled ventilation systems - Air conditioning and treatment systems - Solar, photovoltaic and energy production plants

Green urban redevelopment, new residential, commercial and industrial buildings, outdoor areas and sports facilities, digital cities

Construction materials and technologies
Stone and ceramic tile - Stone and stone agglomerate - Cement and concrete
Industrially-produced structures and systems
Dry technologies - Wet technologies - Mixed technologies - Machines and equipment for industrially-produced products and systems
Sports and outdoor facilities
Sports facilities - Equipment for sports facilities - Continuous flooring - Sports flooring - Technical plants  - Lighting systems - Outdoor equipment
Digital Cities
Seismic recovery and protection – Technologies for seismic protection and recovery
Recovery and reinforcement systems - Seismic insulation - Special interventions - Monitoring and detection systems

Infrastructures, public works, land safety, smart infrastructure

Products and materials for concrete - Concrete and cement plants - Concrete and cement machinery, concrete mixers, compactors - Pumps - Formwork - Control systems and accessories
Land consolidation
Materials and products for land consolidation and reclamation - Technologies for land consolidation and reclamation
Cranes - Truck cranes - Machinery and equipment for work at height
Handling - Lifts - Baskets - Scaffolding
Vehicles and earthmoving equipment
Excavators - Mini-excavators - Loaders - Motor scrapers - Bulldozers and levelers - Dredgers - Buckets - Construction site equipment and vehicles
Drilling and tunneling
Materials and products for drilling and tunneling - Machinery and equipment for drilling and tunneling
Treatment and recycling
Machinery, plants and systems for treatment, selection and recycling of aggregate and construction materials - Demolition and crushing
Smart Infrastructure
The traditional and digital construction site
Site equipment and accessories - Rental - Digital site systems and technologies
IT and digitalisation for the built environment
ICT, software and hardware for construction and the built environment - BIM, Building Information Modelling - IoT, sensors and connecting systems and technologies - Augmented reality, tools, systems and applications - Surveying and measuring instruments, drones, geospatial technologies - 3D printers- Digital manufacturing - Digital service platforms
Services and Media
Technical publishing and media - Consulting services (professional, technical, financial) - Associations - Design practices and construction firms - New professions and new services

Frequency: Biennial

For only professionals


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