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XXV Trade show of tourism, winter sports and freestyle

01/11/2018 04/11/2018

Merchandise Sectors

Skiing: skis for all current and future disciplines with relative accessories, ski sticks, fittings, helmets, gloves, goggles, ski waxes, snow shoes for fresh snow.
As well as: bob-sledges, sledges and toboggans, ski-bob, snow sailing or surfing boards, hockey and equipment, roller-blade skis, ice skates, winter sport gadgetS; footwear for all current and future winter sport disciplines and relative accessories, ice crampons, gaiters, etc.; winter clothing for mountain tourism and sport and relative equipment: rucksacks, bags, berets, headbands, ordinary and long socks, elastic bands; accessories: picks, safety ropes, high mountain tents, etc.; equipment for winter sport preparation: equipment for gymnastics, synthetic ski slopes, tapis roulantes for skiing; equipment and machines for ski repairs: ski holders, garden snow ploughs; equipment and machinery for winter sports facilities; tourism: tourism promotion centres, tourism companies, skiing centres, Local Tourism Boards, hotel stations, major events ("Marcialonga", etc.), ski clubs, skiing schools, trade and sector associations; cosmetics for winter sports: creams, cocoa butter, decorative materials; sledge dogs: breeding centres; dealers in all trade sectors presented for the exhibition-market; trade press.

Area: 20,000 sqm
Exhibitors: 420
Visitors: 86,000
Frequency: Annual

Open to general public


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